How to easily create or add Snapchat Stories on Android

Currently, although Snapchat contains a total of 382 million users, a large percentage of them don't know how to perform different activities within the app, like sending private text messages or adding stories. Reason why this article will explain how to perform this action in the app.

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat works in a similar way to any messaging application, but with the particularity that its messages are mainly made up of images and videos ; where the sender of the message applies a time limit which limits the recipient to see it.

That is, when the recipient opens the message, the time count applied by the sender automatically begins, and when that count ends, the message will be automatically deleted. Prevent the receiving user from saving the image.

In addition to that there is a section within the application with which we can make several photo changes and we may also publicly share that image. This is through a resource called stories.

What are the stories?

Stories are small spaces that we can see on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. Where its users can share any type of content (photos, images, etc.) with the people they added, so you don't need to share them one by one.

Although in each social network what it can publish is different, its functioning is the same when a person posts any content in his history. The system will automatically make such content appear in the list of its users' must-see stories as they are added.

Where did the stories come from?

How to easily create or add Snapchat Stories on Android

Stories are a trend that has been adopted by all current social networks, but it is started in Snapchat, which presented the launch of the trend in 2013 and fortunately has generated great results in terms of popularity and growth of all your users in the app.

So much has been the impact caused by the creation of the stories, that in 2016 Instagram also offered this tool on its platform, even if this does not end there. Facebook and WhatsApp have offered the trend in 2017 with basically the same system.

How to easily create or add Snapchat stories on Android?

How to easily create or add Snapchat Stories on Android

The process of adding a Snapchat story is very simple, first we need to log into the application, then when we are in the camera section we can tap to take a photo or hold the button to take a video, it doesn't matter if we add filters to the Snap we take.

Then a let's set the timer, which will change the time the Snap will appear on the screen before moving on to the next one. Then, we click on the button of the chronology which will appear at the bottom of the screen in the shape of a square and a plus sign (+) in the upper right corner.

Next, let's select the button add, which will show us a new menu where there are options for add the Snap to your story or one public history that you have previously selected, we choose the option of our preference and we send, already with this the platform will publish the story.

With this process, all users who are added to your friends list will have access to the view of the stories you upload, now you just need to know what to post on the net.

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