How to easily create the best lock screen for iOS and Android

People often save months to buy a high-end cell phone, while others are content with a cell phone low end. But mid-range mobiles are often among the most in demand due to the price "convenient" they have and specifications that are usually extremely decent.

Among them is the screen resolution. This is usually extremely good in today's terms and they generally have at least resolutions 720p, which says a lot about how well you can see. Not to mention the use of OLED in a screen and similar technologies.

This makes us want our mobile to have the best possible appearance in terms of aesthetics. Why, when we have a cellphone with a resolution so good and with depth and brightness in the colors; why not look for a good one background or a lock screen and also when your mobile is locked to highlight these details.

Therefore, below we will show you how you can create a lock screen of the most original, which will make you the envy of all your friends. All you need is PicsArt.

How to easily create the best lock screen for iOS and Android

What is PicsArt?

In order for the tutorial below to help you create a beautiful lock screen for your mobile, you need to use PicsArt. This is application which you can find for free in the Play Store or the App Store . It is meant to be used in image editing of all kinds, such as changing the background of your photos.

It really is a very complete app in this respect, as it has all kinds of effects, filters and ways to edit an image. And, while it does have some aspects that you will have to pay for, you have everything you need to be able to tweak the block screen that you want so much.

Also, after creating tulockscreen, you can use it for all kinds of images as you see fit thanks to the effectiveness of this app. Just download it from your app store and you can get started with the next tutorial. It should be noted that on your mobile you can also place lockscreens that change, to make your phone more original and personalized.

How to easily create the best lock screen for iOS and Android

Create a lock screen with PicsArt

After downloading PicsArt from your app store, you can get started with the following step by step:

  • You need to start taking a screenshot of your mobile of the screen when it was unlocked. That is, from the main screen.
  • Then download an image " clipart " from Internet. That is, it is cropped and has no background. It can be something that matches your wallpaper on the home screen.
  • Now go to PicsArt and proceed with editing the screenshot. You need to add a blur filter to it. There are several you can choose from, so pick the one you like best.
  • Then select the option to add the image for capture it blurry screen and adds the image you downloaded. Remember that in case you can't find one, you can use one of the stickers that the application has.
  • Now, place the image over the other image as you see fit, preferring the center of the image so that the clock can be clearly seen on the lock screen.
  • Finally, save the image and define it as your new lock screen and voila.
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