How to easily revert to the old and old design of my Twitter account?

Go back to the old Twitter layout

There is an easy way to return to the previous design of the Twitter account, to achieve this, perform the following procedure that I leave you below:

  • First you will go to the Twitter site to log in with your account, in case you do not have the session open. Enter your username and password in the fields indicated to enter.
  • After logging in, click on your profile photo, this will bring up several options, a small menu window.
  • Now in the new window, you will select the option called " Change the previous version of Twitter «

When you perform this procedure, you will be automatically in able to observe that the Twitter design has changed, placing the previous design you felt familiar with.

This topic is also usually related to putting and activating the new night mode design on Twitter loved by many, but just as weird for others.


How to easily revert to the old and old design of my Twitter account?

The detail is that this option may not be available, since when you select the your profile picture, you will not find the option to change the design. In case that's your situation, you need to make the modification with an'alternative.

Alternative mode

If you have done the previous step and you are one of the unfortunate that the option for change the design It does not appear. The alternative method is to use an extension for the Chrome or Mozilla browser which allows you to go back to previous and previous Twitter design features.

download the extension, therefore, you need to perform the following procedure:

  • In your browser, be it Chrome or Mozilla, you should look for the extensions option found in the Settings option.
  • Once inside the Extensions section, you will look for the extension called » GoodTwitter «.
  • When you find it, select it and press the call option » Add extension «.
  • Let your browser automatically download and install.
  • Once installed, you should go to the official Twitter website and you will notice that the web looks the same as before, with the old design.

The process of searching for extensions in both browsers is very similar, the options may be in different parts of the screen, but the process is the same.


How to easily revert to the old and old design of my Twitter account?

If you are using another type of browser, you can search for this extension, as it is likely to be available for that browser.

The method on the About Twitter option

There is another solution that is shared that brings back the old Twitter interface without requiring installation of anything.

  • Go to the left menu of the Twitter website and click on » Other «.
  • When the new menu appears, click on "Settings and privacy".
  • In the "General" settings, press " Information on Twitter «.
  • A new menu will open on the right side.
  • Scroll down to the "Other" category and click on "Directory".
  • A Twitter user profile directory page will open in a new window, with the old twitter layout.
  • When that page opens, click one of the options in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • You can select » Home »Or» Mentions »And the old Twitter will be reactivated in the user's account.

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