How to Edit or Customize a Blogger Post URL - Step by Step

Also, this can help improve positioning within search engine results, optimizing the use of SEO on the blog.

Another way to improve, monitor and control your number of visits is through the Google Search Console tool which will allow you to check if your site is indexed by the browser. If you have a problem and you think your website is not well indexed, you also have the option to do it manually.

Log in or create an account on Blogger

If you've come to this tutorial, it's probably because you already have an account and are only interested in customizing a URL in Blogger.

So you just have to go to the main page of the platform and carry out the login. However, there will be those who don't have it and will want to start over.

As mentioned, this is a tool provided by Google, so with a Gmail email, half the work will have been done.

The procedure is as simple as entering the site and selecting the option of registration. So after that you will be asked to continue with a Google account.

Create a new blogger post

So, already having an account on the platform, it will be possible to customize a URL in Blogger. This is done when creating a new entry.

How to Edit or Customize a Blogger Post URL - Step by Step


How do you get it? If you are a user who has been using the website for a while, you should already be familiar with this action. If not, you need to follow these steps.

When you log in, the first thing Blogger will do is show a main panel which will be divided by a left sidebar and an empty section.

The button we're looking for is at the top of that segment, painted in a bright orange color that says "Create post".

This will direct us to an editing section, which will consist of a kind of text sheet and several customization toolbars.

In it you can create entries in both text form and HTML encoding. But the option we are interested in is on the right side in a called tab "Input configuration".

Customize a URL in Blogger in a new post

Once inside the item editing section and having identified the aforementioned section, you need to select it to download a menu.

There you will find an option called " Permanent link »Which we must press with the mouse pointer to proceed.

This will show us two options, the first will refer to the fact that the address will be created automatically. While the second, quite the opposite.

Will tell " Custom permanent links "And it will show a button that says" Customize »Where, if pressed, it will return an empty field.

How to Edit or Customize a Blogger Post URL - Step by Step

The desired description must be entered in it, then it is given in " Finished "And consequently the item ended in" Public »Or» Save »If you do not want to publish yet.

How to customize links in old posts?

In this case, customizing a URL in Blogger in an already created post is a very similar procedure to the previous one.

But, with the small difference that this publication may have been created some time or even years ago, which is not a hindrance.

That is, regardless of whether a publication is years old, it is still possible modify it, just look for it inside the platform panel and click on it.

This will open up within the Blogger post editor. It must already have a link created automatically, so it's a good idea to copy it, if all you want is to edit a section.

Then, enter "Permanent link" and customize the link under consideration. Then click "Finished" and then on "Publish".

Blogger is a platform that was born mainly to publish blogs online, but today it has been given many other uses such as creating portfolios or virtual stores. With Blogger you can do whatever you want.

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