How to edit photos before sending them on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger was one of those tools that managed to grab the attention of those who keep this social network as their favorite.

However, on more than one occasion, we have certainly found ourselves needing to resort to other applications to edit professional-grade photos before sharing them with some people or groups.

Problem? None, since Facebook Messenger, in one of its updates, included fixes that they will allow us to make changes without major problems… And here we will learn how to do it.

Can I edit photos directly from my phone's camera?

An important point in this matter is that we cannot use the camera directly from our phones. Yes, we can make changes using the camera, but via the app. The other way to edit is to enter the image gallery of our Smartphone.

How to edit photos before sending them on Facebook Messenger

How to edit photos via Facebook Messenger?

The editing process is very simple. The first thing, of course, is enter the Facebook Messenger application e select the option you prefer: Capture the image with the camera or from the phone gallery.

Once we have reviewed our gallery and selected the image we want to send to the other contact, or taken the photograph we will send, the following options will appear: edit and send.

Select the option to edit r, opening a menu of different editing alternatives offers us Facebook Messenger: draw on the image, add text, different fonts, emojis and stickers.

draw on the picture we want to send, the option will appear brush. This alternative for image editing offers us one variety of colors to show our imagination, draw and write with your finger.

Even as we get more creative, we don't have to settle for single-color designs, as we also have the option of making the lines to be drawn multicolored.

How to edit photos before sending them on Facebook Messenger

If we make a mistake, we can stay calm, we don't have to start over, as we can also erase those misplaced lines or letters that did not go as expected, by selecting the eraser icon. Not only can we draw things with our finger, but we can also insert arrows.

One of the most interesting actions of the editing function using the brush, is the so-called Emoji Brush, with which it is possible select emojis which we think is more convenient to fill in spaces or cover people or things that have appeared in the photograph and that we would not want them to be seen.

Similarly, we have the Arrow Brush option which, as the name suggests, allows us to draw arrows of any size and color to point to anything.

By selecting the icon identified with » Aa »We can insert text to the image from the keyboard of our Smartphone. Like the brush option, we will have a large menu for select the color of our preference, as well as being able to enlarge, reduce and move text where we think is best.

We can also choose the font that we like the most within the options offered by Facebook Messenger. One thing that happens very often is that we forget the details, or that after sending the image, we come up with a better idea… and the truth is, it's pretty annoying. But Facebook Messenger he anticipated those distressing situations.

Once the image is sent, we can edit it again. We just have to look for it in the chat and press the pencil icon to add or delete more things. This option has one advantage, and that is that the person to whom we sent it can also modify it.

Let's do it! Let's unleash our creativity and give a great and fun touch to all our images via Facebook Messenger. Now you just have to learn the new tools and tricks Facebook has for you, like saving a Facebook Messenger video from your chat.

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