How to Enhance a Bitmap Image Using Corel Draw - Step by Step

Corel Draw is the main application of the graphic design programs developed by the Corel company. It is a platform that deals with the editing images and photographs from vector graphic design, this type of program uses mathematical formulas.

Currently, the Corel Draw platform is available for download and installation on Windows and Mac and the latest version was released at the end of 2019. However, the program has been in the digital art market for more than two decades and is now the first option when editing an image.

How to enhance a bitmap image using Corel DRAW?

How to Enhance a Bitmap Image Using Corel Draw - Step by Step

Being such a complete program, Corel has been redesigned in various aspects, this one, with the vision of offering the artist several alternatives for creating free and personalized images.

La bitmap application it's a tool provided in the Corel Draw options panel. It is a rectangular figure developed by bits and has a specific color for each pixel that composes it. All these figures create a shape called a bitmap.

Modification strategies

However, there are some difficulties or mistakes that can damage the image. For this type of errors there are some editing strategies, among which the following stand out:

The most common reforms that can be applied to a mistake in editing a bitmap focus on the size correction image. Basically the size of the Bitmap is increased or decreased.

By increasing the height and width of a Bitmap, the program automatically creates new adjacent bitmaps, these new maps take on the color of the pixel that surrounds them.

By reducing the size, the resolution of the bitmap image becomes much more pixelated, this means that the details can be appreciated much better.

Steps to correct or improve the size

How to Enhance a Bitmap Image Using Corel Draw - Step by Step

  • Select the bitmap you want to enhance.
  • Click the bitmap option and choose "New sampling".
  • Next, you will need to choose a unit of measurement from the height and width boxes.
  • You can add or remove measurements as you see fit.
  • If you want improve the appearance curves, click on the box "Smooth".
  • This will cause the size of the curves in the bitmap to change in the same way.

Another strategy that can be applied is to change the resolution of the image created by the bitmaps, the images themselves are consist of pixels, those images or files that have a better resolution have a larger amount of densely compressed pixels.

Image resolution

Increasing or decreasing the file size will affect the resolution of the image itself, to make resolution changes you can follow the following process:

  • Select the bitmap you want to fix.
  • Enter the drop-down options panel and click on bitmap and then "Resampling".
  • Choose the option "resolution", you will find two drop-down windows in which you will have to fill the direction boxes, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Using these two techniques the bitmap is likely to get a much more professional and aesthetic image. However, you can apply other effects to the file itself to achieve the desired result.

Tools available in Corel Draw

The Corel Draw version is the most complete version of the graphics editing products developed by Corel, which is why it has infinite tools that can be applied:

  • Subject: allows you to recreate simple and complex geometric figures such as polygons, stars or spirals.
  • Three-point curve: this tool allows you to draw curves in the image that have a beginning, a body and an end.
  • Polyline: this option is for drawing straight lines directed in all directions.

Apart from these applications there are various effects that can be performed on the image such as adding outlines to objects, correcting the blurry appearance of a photograph, putting custom effects on text and background, etc. It all depends on the artist's creativity and motivation in using the program.

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