How To Enter A Search Engine On My Blogger Blog - Simple Steps

Blogger's blogging platform gives us a lot of opportunities, a lot of options when it comes to customizing, adding different gadgets, uploading files, and many other things.

Did you know that you can add a search engine to your blog? Next, we'll see which search engines you can add, along with the advantages and disadvantages that each of them has.

How to add a search engine in Blogger

The simplest thing would be use the same options as Blogger to include a search box. It is the simplest and most basic option that Blogger offers us to have a search engine on our blog and it is a very simple process to add it to the site.

You have to go up Blogger, Then Design and in adding a gadget you can select the search box from the list. You have to give it a name, then you can mark the three options that will be the "places" where the search will be carried out and that's it.

Putting this search engine is remarkably simple. The only problem is that it's not very accurate in terms of searches. Another problem is that until the entries are indexed in the Google search engine, they are not displayed as results.

How To Enter A Search Engine On My Blogger Blog - Simple Steps

But there is another much more precise and also simple option to add to our blog that could give you better results as what it does is an internal search within Blogger, this way you will get better results, especially for blogs. that are just starting.

How to add a search engine to my Blogger blog

To enter this internal blogger search engine you need to log in to Blogger> Design> Add a Gadget. In this part we will choose " HTML/JavaScript «.

Add a title like » Search engine »And then you will have to copy and paste this code:




Next, you will need to save the gadget and it should already work on your site. As mentioned above, by not needing to index entries in the Google search engine, the results could be much more accurate.

How to add a custom Google search on Blogger

  • The first thing to do is go to the Google Custom Search Engine.
  • Once here, you will need to click on creating a custom search engine.
  • In " Places to look for »You need to add your blog address.
  • Choose the language of the search engine. Then just click » Crea «.
  • Here you will see a button that says " Get code «, Click on it to get the code you need to add in Blogger from the option» Add a gadget " And " HTML/JavaScript »In design.

This way you will have a customized Google search engine. One of the great advantages of having this search engine on our blog is that we can add our AdSense account, so you can generate a few dollars with searches within your site.

How To Enter A Search Engine On My Blogger Blog - Simple Steps

Searches can include several websites, which is ideal when you have several websites dealing with similar topics. The only bad thing is that the entries need to be indexed in the search engine.

However, Google is very fond of Blogger for obvious reasons, which is why posts generally index pretty quickly. After this, it's ideal that you learn how to put a hit counter on Blogger to know how and how fast your blog is growing.

Have questions about how to put a search engine on my Blogger blog? We encourage you to leave it a little further down in the comment box.

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