How to enter the VTR router - Step by step

In general, the instructions for each model explain in detail the procedure to be followed for installation and related adjustments.

But, in some cases, they can get a little confusing, so here we will see step by step how to install it, enter the Router section and configure it.

Install the router

Before you can access the VTR Router, it must be installed correctly, especially if it has just been purchased.

Now, the first thing to do is plug or plug the equipment into the outlet. Next, you need to locate a network cable.

To be able to connect it from the " WAN " or " Internet ”Of the Router with the VTR Modem. Generally this point is separate from the others and it is of another color.

The computer can then be connected via the other inputs and with a different network cable.

Learn to enter the VTR Router!

First of all, you need to search the device manual for the address or URL that allows access to the » Settings «.

In addition, you will also need to have at hand the username and password that comes by default or factory for the equipment in question.

It is worth remembering that usually the URL is the same, this is " http://192.168.XX ", the " X »Is changed by numbers according to the brand of the Router.

How to enter the VTR router - Step by step


After obtaining this data, proceed to open the chosen browser and copy or write the link in the search bar. Then press the »key Submit «.

In this way, in order to access and continue with the configuration, authentication will be required, so we will enter the username and password that we already have at hand.

Configure the router You can do it yourself!

Having correctly entered the configuration page of the equipment, proceed to establish the parameters and adjustments that will limit and guarantee correct operation.

Going or opening the menu is the next thing to do, to enter the call tab " Quick installation «,» Setup Wizard »Or» Connection configuration «, It will all depend on the brand.

In the new section, you will choose to configure " Dynamic IP «,» Automatic DHCP »Or» DHCP «, They are the same option, they can simply be presented under different names.

Network name and password

The next thing is to establish the name under which you want the network to present itself, for this you will only have to fill in the relevant field.

Before continuing, we recommend that you do not use special characters, such as the letter " Ñ ”, Accents or symbols, as this may affect connection times. As regards the channel, the " Car ".

Accordingly, you can set the security option enforced by the wireless network. It is always recommended to use " WPA »Or» WPA-2 PERSONAL «.


The access code that is established must be written in the field indicated for this, and the ideal would be to leave out the special characters already mentioned.

How to enter the VTR router - Step by step

Whereas, creating a password based on uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers combined will be the best.

Finally, locate and press a button called " Restart «, Which will restart the router. Therefore it may take some time.


At the end of the access to the VTR Router and configuration correct, wireless connection can be used normally. To handle your device well, it is important to know its make and model and to know its hardware and software components.

You will only have to access the networks section of the device to connect, to be able to identify by the name we have entered and proceed to log in with the password.

In this way it is possible to use the Router both in this mode and with the wired connection which was done in the beginning.

Having Internet via Wifi is now something essential for everyday life, both at work and at home; That's why good fast and long-range Wifi is very necessary, that's why you should know that you can turn your router into a Wifi repeater.

As mentioned above, a router is very necessary to be able to take advantage of the Internet and Wifi, which is why it must be protected from cyber attacks.

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