How to export a vector to an image | Import images into document | Corel Draw

Being able to work with carriers can be really challenging, especially if you don't have the right tools and knowledge. That's why it's always a good idea to be able to count on the support of an e-creation tool modification to feel comfortable with.

Within the market there are many to choose from. It always depends on your taste and needs as a content creator, so you can weigh your options and properly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each creation and modification of programs .

Among all these programs, we can talk about Corel Draw, a program that is part of Corel's multimedia content editing suite, which as such is quite complete. It comes with all the tools you can expect from a program based on creating content through templates, effects, color changing, image cropping and vector creation, not to mention how comfortable it is to use.

It also has support for many image formats as well multimedia content, such as the ability to open Photoshop files.

This brings us to the main topic of this tutorial: exporting vectors as images. It is totally possible to export a series of vectors that you have created as an image in all kinds of formats in Corel Draw and in a very convenient way.

For this reason, you should have yours in your contenders program preferred in the use of vectors. So, if you're wondering how to do it, check out everything you need to know below.

How to export a vector to an image | Import images into document | Corel Draw

Exporting vectors as an image in Corel Draw

Exporting is a very important resource when creating vectors within Corel Draw. In fact, it's probably the most important, since it allows you to create an image or save what you have done so that you can transmit it to whoever you want and turn it into a work of graphics or illustration.

Export, as such, is the process of converting the vectors you have created or selected in image or in a file of a specific format.

As we told you before, Corel Draw allows you to export to all kinds of formats, including PDF, JPG or PNG and more. However, please note that once a file is exported, it cannot be edited again, as it is an image.

For this reason, before exporting, we recommend that you save to a Corel file, so that you can make any necessary changes.

Now when you are ready to export, you need to keep in mind that when we will all elements that are on the blank sheet, or on the artboard, will be exported as a single file. Unless you want to export something in particular, which you can do by selecting and exporting.

To be able to export the entire worktable, you just have to go to the top menu of File and then to the option that says » Export ". After clicking here, you need to select the folder where you want to export your content and in which format you want to do it. Click accept.

Then the program will give you the option to change some details for the format and then you will have to click accept and yours fillet will be exported. And, if you want to export a particular vector, you just need to select it and follow the same steps above.

How to export a vector to an image | Import images into document | Corel Draw

How to import a file into Corel Draw?

Now, if what you want is to be able to import a file and be able to make it part of the composition that is in the current working table, all you have to do is go into the File menu at the top and click on "It matters...". A window will open asking which file to import.

Click on the one you want, accept and you will be able to see your file on your work table. Remember that it is always more useful to work with fillet PNG without background.

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