How to export a video to Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Fast and good quality

How to export a video to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

When the program opens, you need to select the new option project, click on the box that says import file and choose the file you want to edit from your documents, and independent audio; then create a new sequence in the icon at the bottom right of the box you are in.

The sequence you will select is the one that says AVCHD, because you will be using the 720p25 format; When selecting these features, you drag the audio file down and the video file up; remember to combine both files, in so that the beginning is the same.

Then go to the file tab and select the export option; then on average, a tab will appear where you will see le export settings , in the output tab, where you can select how far you want the sequence to end, or if you want to leave the entire sequence.

How to export a video to Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Fast and good quality

In the format tab you will get several options for standard formats, all compatible with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC program; but if you want a high quality format, which can be used for more things, like uploading to YouTube, advertising video, recording to DVD, etc. you can choose H264 with mp4 final.

By clicking on the output name option you can select the folder where you want to save the file you want to create. Also, in the basic video settings  you can change some elements;  such as frame width and height, video speed adjustment, among other things.

In speed encoding you can adjust the scene and the quality of the video can improve so significant; Also in the advanced settings you can adjust the frame distances or adapt to virtual reality videos. 

Latest settings 

As for the audio, you can work with the encoding and speed of the audio, in sample rate and define if you want high, intermediate or low; and in the channels, whether it is stereo, mono or 5.1. To finish and save, hit the option of export, located in the lower right part.

Depending on the size of the video, this may take a short or long time; and below it will tell you how many MB the video weighs; When doing this process, go to the file tab in the media option and at the bottom you will find the option that i metadata;  in that part you can enter the data with the characteristics you will need.

This is important in case you intend to transfer the file to another person and want them to know all the data and specifics of how you worked on the video file. In Adobe Premiere, you can render faster and with less weight, so your video will stream faster when you want to share it on platforms like YouTube.

How to export a video to Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Fast and good quality

When the export is finished, go to the folder that is intended to save the file; When you right click on the properties option, you will be able to see the details of yours video;  such as frame width and height, data rate, frame rate, and total bit rate. This way you will also be able to see both audio quality, speed, channels and sample rate. 

Some learning editors have found it difficult to need their edited video whose quality is optimal; for this you need to reduce the weight and in Adobe Premiere Pro CC it can be done. Now that you know how to export a video to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, show everyone your talent. If this content was helpful, please let us know in the comment box.

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