How to extract images or frames from a video with high quality on Windows or Mac

With the new rise of technologies, it has become common to want to extract an image that has a scene that you want to save, from a video or movie, trying to do not lose quality and compatibility with all devices.

Many people have the common thought that when you take a picture on the screen at the right moment it is the indicated movement, but the truth is that with this mode the sharpness of the image is lost.

That is why many common programs have chosen to include this option within their tools, in order to offer the best result to those who want to extract an image from the video, even if their scene contains effects, such as VHS for example.

We all know that videos are nothing but a sequence of frames, arranged one after the other, to give the sensation of movement to the observing public.

Based on this principle, these programs, which we will talk about later, have the task of extracting said frames and giving them a high quality image for those who want to get the scene.

With Wondershare Filmora you can extract an image from the video you like the most

This program is one of the best known in terms of editing, then importing a file into this software will allow you to easily accomplish your task.

How to extract images or frames from a video with high quality on Windows or Mac

In addition to the famous tools that this program has, such as adding text to videos. It also allows you to edit and capture the frame of your multimedia content, regardless of the format to which they are subject.

How to capture a frame with Wondershare Filmora

In order to extract an image via this popular program, you need to make sure you have it installed and import the video of your choice, via the software menu or by dragging it directly into the window.

Once you have completed this step, you just have to start playing your video until you find the scene you want to extract, to press the «Pause» button at the indicated time.

By clicking on » Ctrl + Alt + S »Located on your computer keyboard, an icon will automatically appear on the screen, indicating that a new image has been added to the« Library ».

By managing to extract an image from your video, you can add a variety of effects that will allow you to customize the frame, and then export it by selecting the format that the image will adopt and its quality level.

Discover other options that allow you to extract high quality frames!

There are various editors and players who also take care of carrying out this task with total efficiency, in order to give the best result to the users who use it.

How to extract images or frames from a video with high quality on Windows or Mac

VLC player

This program has an excellent reputation, thanks to its ability to play files in various formats, including the format with the MTS extension.

Using the "Preferences" option, check the box indicating Show all settings. Within the "Advanced" section you can set the format you prefer and the filter you want to add to the frame.

After setting the recording ratio and selecting the «Scene video filter», simply save and start playing the video to extract an image or sequence of frames to the directory of your choice.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This popular program works in the same way as Wondershare, as it is only through editing that it allows you to extract an image from a video sequence.

In this way the user will be able to take the desired number of frames, even managing to modify it to add filters or improve lighting.

Therefore, at the end of the whole procedure, it will be sufficient to save the format and the quality level you prefer, to enjoy the extracted image inside the library of your computer.

Likewise, you can share it and publish it wherever you want, so everyone can admire what you can do with the right editing and playback tools.

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