How to extract the APK of any application on Android - Quick and easy

Backup your Android APK with Extractor Pro

This application is exclusively designed to create backups of applications installed on the Android device, saving them in APK format.

So, finding and downloading it is simple, you just need to go to the Google Play Store and type in the name of the App mentioned.

This will result in " APK Extractor Pro «, Which is represented by an Android icon on a dark circular turquoise background and a lighter box of the same color.

In this way, you just have to click on " Install »And wait for the process to finish to execute it. It may ask you to accept some permissions.

When the program starts completely, a main screen with several category tabs will be displayed. Usually, it appears directly in the " Installed «.

And in it you can explore and view all the applications that the computer has. So, to backup an APK on Android there are two ways with this app.

How to extract the APK of any application on Android - Quick and easy


The first is extraction and the second is sharing. Both can be done by tapping the menu inside the app box a three points.

This will expose a number of options or actions that can be taken with respect to the selected program, including the above.

Using the alternative » Share »A screen will open with the support to send the APK file to. It can be used, for example, WhatsApp or Google Drive.

While using the option » Extract «, The application selected for this action will be backed up to the folder created by the APK Extractor Pro itself.

Backup applications with the practical APK Export (Backup and Share)

This application allows you to backup an APK on Android in a simple and practical way. It has similar functions to the tool used previously.

With the difference of having a simpler interface, in addition to be free of annoying advertisements and advertisements, but no shortcomings in terms of functionality.

It can be obtained and downloaded for free in the Android store, developed by » Area 51bis »And weighs no more than 1 megabyte.

Then, once installed on the mobile, it starts up and obviously will ask for access to the storage and privacy permissions.

The device application list will then be displayed. Above you can use the magnifying glass icon to find the app you want more quickly.

Once located, it is selected and a pop-up window will appear with two options in the form of an icon, which are » Share " And " Save »Or» Extract «.

How to extract the APK of any application on Android - Quick and easy

Based on the principles mentioned with the previous application, if you decide to select the first option, the alternatives to use for sharing will be shown.

The mobile phone file manager can be selected to emulate the action function " Extract ". Likewise, it can be sent to Gmail, WhatsApp, or even Bluetooth.

Also, you can use any compatible means of sending files between devices, so it covers a lot of means to share it

Whereas, when using " Extract «, The application will backup an APK on Android by exporting it to a folder within the internal memory.

Specifically in a folder called " apk ". Therefore, when you press on it, the files will be displayed in the executable format.

After extracting your APK file and saving it on your PC, you can transfer your APK files from your PC to your Android phone without any hassle.



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