How to find a fake Badoo profile

How to find a fake Badoo profile

One of the things that can distress or cause some irritation when entering a social network with the predisposition or idea of ​​meeting people is undoubtedly come across or discover that some people do not use their real identity and resort to so-called false profiles to interact and relate with something, which is not good at all, as it plays with another person's feelings and illusions.

Unfortunately, in the Badoo social network and although there are some mechanisms to limit and limit this type of people using » fake profiles » there are and special attention and care must be taken when interacting and meeting other users to therefore, avoid bad moments and have greater margins of safety. Precisely, this article aims to provide some essential keys to exclude or discover a fake profile on Badoo from the beginning and don't do it later or, even worse, never know and never find out.

Discover a fake profile on Badoo | Key aspects

There are several aspects or points that can be considered key to discerning whether you are really talking to a real person or an imposter who uses and constructs a false identity for some reason, which no doubt no known justifies.

These aspects or points need to be analyzed as a whole to give an idea if you are dealing with someone real since, separately, they don't say much. Now, let's get to those aspects.

  • Verified profile | In general, the majority of Badoo registered users have verified their profile by associating it or verifying their identity with their mobile phone and it can be said that a profile is verified since it has a circle with a blue ticket as its icon. a verified user. In case you find an unverified profile, it could be a sign that that person is not who he says he is and you will need to have more information to believe that that person is real and for that you need to know more about that user..

  • Other checks | In addition to mobile verification, there are other additional resources that Badoo grants to verify the identity of a particular user and that is to bind Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn accounts or acquire Badoo super powers or finally bind credit card . This resource is used by some users and can be seen on their profile where you can see which social network they used to verify their identity on Badoo.

It must be said that it is not mandatory or essential to do so, but those who have carried out this type of verification add a certain amount of credibility and this does not mean that those who do not have it are a false profile, it is one more element of proof. if it seems bizarre, there are some imposters who even set up accounts on other social networks and then use this verification trying to generate more credibility, all professionals of deception.

  • Profile picture | Photos can provide a lot of information about the person you're talking to, and moreover, they can give clues whether you're really getting to know the person in said photographs or if it's someone who's occupying photos that aren't theirs.

Case 1: Something that can be relatively suspicious is users who have profile photos where they show themselves in a very bold and shameless way. It's true that an image is a cover letter and in some ways, it's critical to attract attention, but showing a lot of skin when it's not really needed and being exposed or seen for everyone to see as well, can generate reasonable doubts, but it cannot be said that for this reason it is a false profile (it is a point or a piece that must be considered).

Case 2: concatenated or not, some doubts can be generated to the previous case when viewing the photos of a user who enjoys a certain beauty or attractiveness, therefore, what could a really beautiful or pretty person do in a place to meet people or , loves to provoke and attract attention but in fact there is doubt in this case.

Case 3: Another aspect and intertwined with others are those user profiles that have 1 or very few photos that can generate suspicions if it is someone real and if those photos are of low quality or are not very clear.

Case 4: Sometimes, someone can be questioned when the photos are overproduced or, of a professional level that shouldn't even match the person, because of their description, who they are, that person or how they behave when having a conversation.

Case 5: Your profile photos must be somewhat consistent with your Badoo profile description. That is, if he represents a greater or lesser age, height, weight (appearance) can be obvious signs of a fake profile, therefore the profile information should be reviewed or contrasted with the photos.

  • Location | One piece of information that might be interesting is that it is now online. That is to say, it can be something strange that you frequent Badoo at a time that does not suit the geographical location where you live and to this added, in a conversation having no knowledge of where you live, the language you do not know or local things that you have made there.
  • Personal information | this item is really valuable to mix whether that badoo user is real or maybe not. If a user omits this information or part of it, he may be hiding information and on the other hand, this information contradicts his profile photographs as I said before or, the knowledge or ways in which he develops and dialogues are far from your profile information.

  • Language | this is a great detail to take into account since you can find a user who speaks to you in your language, however nowhere in your profile does it say that you know that language or, better, it says that you are fluent in other languages ​​and in the chat of Badoo can't articulate a sentence in that or doesn't have the level or dominance it claims to have.
  • Chat conversation | As a final key point, I've left the Badoo chat where you can see what kind of person you're talking to. Here surely it should be checked whether the profile information is consistent in the way it is expressed or developed and whether the knowledge matches your profile. For example, if he says he's a doctor or nurse, he'll have knowledge of his area of ​​work, or if he's someone with education, he won't act flashy.

Finally, if the user is provocative, vulgar and his only argument is "that" (I guess you know what I mean) it can certainly be a person who has made a fake profile and if he respects other aspects he remains more prominent.

Finally, these are some aspects that together they can show to a greater extent, if they are faced with a real person or an imposter with a lot of free time and who has invented a life for himself. However, you cannot determine with one hundred percent certainty whether or not a person is real, with these aspects, until you can actually see that person.

Unmask an imposter on Badoo

In case they have many doubts and do not know if they are faced with this type of argument, they can ask their Facebook or another social network in order to reduce the margin of insecurity or ask for a dedicated photo where to write something, position or indicate something. … with that, if it's fake they can liquidate it or the other thing is to see it on the webcam.

Discover a fake profile on Badoo | To do?

If they have seen a clearly fake user profile, the best thing to do is not to talk to them, and if one of these » users » talks to them, the best thing to do is not to reply or, if they want, follow the game to find out where they are going and at some point, if they want, they show it off by asking for Facebook, a dedicated photo or a webcam and then see how they react.

I hope that this information has clarified this topic a little more, be more careful when it comes to meeting people and of course do not be deceived or naive and keep a certain caution, speak little by little and then get to know other users to interact in healthy way.

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