How to find filters on Instagram

How to find filters on Instagram

Placing and using a filter on Instagram is very easy, but we'll show you how to search all filters on instagram, both those that the network has officially published, and the filters that users create through a catalog that does not seem to be so visible to everyone.

Surely you have used Instagram at some point, the social network that allows us to share our images on this network and show them to the whole world, but there is also a feature that arrived not so long ago, we are talking about filters for Instagram Stories.

Catalog of filters for Instagram

  1. The first step to accessing this catalog is as simple as opening our Instagram app, it doesn't matter if you do it from Android or iOS because the processes are the same.
  2. Now you need to click on the symbol icon "+" which is located at the top left as if you were to create a Stories.

  1. While you are with the camera open, i.e. before you start recording or taking the photo, you will need to do swipe the icon to take the picture to the right until you get to the end, where a magnifying glass icon will appear.

  1. When you click, a huge gallery of effects for our Stories will appear, which are sorted by categories, first the filters created by Instagram and then the rest of the filters created by users.

  1. Click on any filter to be able to use it and a window will appear in which we can test the filter, save it or share it with another user.

  1. Once the filter is selected, only the simplest step remains to take the picture and see how our filter turned out. If what you want is to reuse it, the filter will appear next to the button to take the picture next time you will want to load a Stories as you can see in the image, and you will be able to access all the filters you have saved.

Time we can use all the filters we want, being able to access the huge catalog that Instagram has thanks to the community of users, who continuously create filters.

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