How to find, locate and track the IP address and location of a stolen Smart TV

Home burglary is a horrific affliction that is not uncommon in many Hispanic American homes. Easy-to-sell items, such as computers, cell phones, or consoles, are the main target of thieves in these robberies. Therefore, the Smart TV will not escape its pillage of coveted objects.

However, there is a method you can use to find out where your PC is and bring the authorities to the thief. And all with the help of the aforementioned streaming services!

Is it possible to monitor my Smart TV?

As we said, Smart TVs cannot be tracked correctly. They are not like cell phones because they do not have GPS and you cannot easily track your location. However, the curious method does not require you to track it through the device itself, but through the account of a streaming service like Netflix.

Streaming services like Netflix or HBO have a section in our profiles where we can examine account activity. In it you can see when and from where a profile connected that has tuned in to the service to view the contents.

Specifically, it will show you the IP, which is the unique address that Internet providers give you. When someone registers a connection by putting an Internet service at home, a unique IP is established for that connection. And it is thanks to this IP address that we can find out where our Smart TV is.

How do I use Netflix to find out the location of my Smart TV?

This process requires some luck because the thief must have been curious about enter your Netflix. However, you will most likely do so when you find that you also have a free account.

When the theft occurred, do not change the password immediately account to deny access to the thief. This is because it is exactly what we need. If the thief logs into your Netflix account and tunes in to a show, he'll have taken the bait.

How to find, locate and track the IP address and location of a stolen Smart TV

You need to go to your account settings and check recent activity. On the activity page, they will show you where, when and from which device the streaming service was recently used. When you see the most recent activity from the Smart TV, make a note of the IP address.

How can I find out who is behind an IP address?

Once you have noted the IP address, you need to contact the authorities. The IP can provide the name and address of said person who owns it. But this it can only be obtained judicially since it is Law, so you must go and make your complaint.

Once the IP address is provided to the police, they will have to process the report. When it is legally authorized that it can be traced, the rest is in your hands to carry out the capture of the thief. And similarly, you can get the Smart TV back.

How to find, locate and track the IP address and location of a stolen Smart TV

It may seem very complicated and risky, but these operations paid off. In Argentina a few years ago, a woman managed to recover her stolen Smart TV thanks to the use of the IP she saw on Netflix. Later after the news broke, the method became popular and a lot of similar news surfaced from people who reported with the IP and found the perpetrators.

Several thieves or buyers of stolen goods have been frustrated with the important Netflix account details. Therefore, it is always safe apply first to the authorities e do not log out of all devices or change the account password.

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