How to find out who likes me on Tinder

How to find out who likes me on Tinder

For some time now, Tinder has been crowned as one of the most attractive and easy to use geosocial applications to be able to interact and meet new people online. Now, it is absolutely normal that in the face of so much popularity, all kinds of concerns and questions arise with it, where one tries to discover some really appetizing things from its thousands and thousands of users and precisely, one of these questions that arouse the most interest or curiosity It is the one we have entitled: how to know who likes me on tinder and that, of course, we want to address it and answer it truthfully in Practical Resources.

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How to find out who likes me on Tinder | Clarifications

First, it is possible to clarify that the «I like it» or also known as » mi like it » arise when a user swipes someone's profile photo on Tinder to the right because they somehow seemed interesting and know or in clearer words, handsome or cute and if that handsome user does the same with the photo of the person who gave him the «Like «, then arises the Match desired and these users have the ability to talk or chat on Tinder and so far, all clear with how Tinder interacts.

Now, having said the above, it becomes extremely interesting for many Tinder users know in advance, who gave the long-awaited Like on their profile so and if they deserve their interest or attention, they coincide by making the respective Like and the Match arises to meet it

Well, the moment of truth has arrived and let's clarify some things ... I must tell you that there is no App, program or online service that allows you to know who you may like on Tinder or who has put the precious Like on your profile for free and For this reason , it is advisable to refrain from trying any type of service that offers this type of thing which, surely, is some kind of deception that appears as a bait to lure the most curious.

But do not worry! Don't worry… Well, there are some » tips or tricks » that, without a doubt, you can use to sniff out these likes or likes on Tinder like real detectives and thus can respond more appropriately, to the concern of how to know who like me on tinder for free with these tips we have below.

How To Find Who Likes Me On Tinder For Free | Trick no. 1: common sense

The first tip is without a doubt to have some common sense when using Tinder because with this you will be able to discern with a little observation and logic who could see data, the Like or not.

Let me explain and why you understand, they should be realistic and know very well the range they are in or the range they could aspire to on Tinder and therefore, their likes can more likely coincide with those of other users on Tinder. In other words, if you are a normal ranked boy or girl, it is possible that a user of rank 10 (cute @) has not Liked you and also he surely has many interested parties and is not very attracted to connecting with people .

Therefore, do not miss your » we market» and focus on people like you. Yes, I know… it's not easy, but have you seen the movie: A brilliant mind because in it the protagonist gives a categorical example why not go for the beautiful girl and go better, the whole group of guys for friends… Simply equilibrium theory.

Another aspect that will give them greater clarity on Tinder is to view the profiles carefully or with a clinical eye in order to perceptually detect those users who are on Tinder by simple posture, who do not use it and who show precisely that disinterest in connecting with others (they are, but they are not) unlike those user profiles on Tinder which are more complete, active users are noticeable and with expressive photos that denote that desire to be in one place for something and not for nothing.

How To Find Who Likes Me On Tinder For Free | Trick no. 2: first profiles

When a person puts a «I like it» to another person on Tinder, the only way the system has for the Match to arise is to show that other person, that user's profile and decide if they like it or not., coincidence or match appears on Tinder.

Well… The trick or advice here is to pay close attention to the first profiles they show you, since it is very likely that there are one or more users in them who have previously put a » Like » on their profile and this time, the Tinder system shows you this or these users to see if you give them likes so that Matches show up.

How To Find Who Likes Me On Tinder For Free | Trick no. 3: I like it

Of course, it can cause a bit of suspense and uncertainty not knowing who you might like on Tinder, and more importantly, it could be a real shame to miss out on meeting someone who really likes you and was curious about you.

Well… When faced with this kind of situation, there is a very orthodox and bold, if somewhat barbaric, option that you can actually use to find out who likes you on Tinder, don't miss the likes they might have given you, and also expand your chances of getting more Matches.

Basically, what they need to do is turn themselves into a «Yes man» on Tinder like the film starring actor Jim Carrey who said » yes » to everything. That is to say that they must, and although it may seem a little crazy, give «I like it» to all profiles that are shown or appear on Tinder to find out who likes you on Tinder, do not lose the likes they have been able to do and if that were not enough, they will be able to increase the Match by doing those, I like you, you have the courage?

How to find out who likes me on Tinder | Tinder Gold

Finally, it is necessary to mention one last option that has appeared very recently on Tinder and that is the Tinder Gold service which allows, among other things, to clearly know which user or users have put «I like it» to your profile and then they can go directly to those profiles, compare them and give them mutual likes so they can communicate with them but yes, this Tinder service is not free, it costs 5 dollars and allows a few other things which may be appreciated by some users.

These are all the options they have, to be able to solve this great Tinder talk and that is how to know who likes me on Tinder for free and for a fee. I hope with this you have a better chance of getting the matches.

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