How to find the best keywords or keywords for YouTube

If you continue reading this article, you will learn how to use the tools offered by the Chrome Web Store to your advantage.

Le keyword o passwords Tag key are terms or sets of terms used by users to search for the digital content they wish to view.

Here because plan for the right keywords it can result in more traffic or better rankings in your videos.

What are keywords or keywords used for?

Knowing the keywords or keywords offers multiple benefits, which is why they are very important to content creators.

Among the most important advantages we can list as the main one for place your content among the top search options.

More keywords you use, the greater the chances of getting a better ranking.

In addition to this, it allows you to optimize both the title and description of your videos, making them more appealing to the audience.

Another advantage of knowing keywords is that they allow you to know what the interests of users are, to know what content they want to consume.

This in turn will help you create the right strategies to make your next posts successful.

What tools are needed to search for keywords

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Chrome Web Store offers Google Chrome users the ability to install extensions or plug-ins for free.

To install these extensions you need to log in to the Chrome Store, write the name of the plugin you want and choose the appropriate one from the list.

Once logged in, click on the blue Install button, the download and subsequent installation will start automatically.

After the installation is complete make sure to update yours Chrome browser pressing the Reload Page or F5 button on the keyboard again.

Next, we'll show you how to use three of the most popular tools among youtubers to get the best keywords.

VidIQ Vision per YouTube

How to find the best keywords or keywords for YouTube

VidIQ Vision it is a very safe extension to install and connect to your channel, in fact both the youtubers and the platform itself recommend it.

Other than that it is very easy to use. We remind you that they are available two versions, one free and one paid. The latter, as expected, offers more utility.

In this sense, the free version works very good for this case. Once you have installed the extension and made sure it works, log into the YouTube platform.

Then, do a search with the title you want for your video or some other associated title.

When you hit enter you will notice that on the right side there is a information box corresponding to the VidIQ Vision extension for YouTube.

This information will allow you to know the demand level for this type of content, i.e. how many people are interested.

And in particular in the section Query related related keywords find your search.

These terms will appear in a list next to the number of times it was searched, by clicking on the next button you can scroll through the list.

Also, this free version shows a small list of most searched keywords.

Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool

How to find the best keywords or keywords for YouTube

With the Keywords Everywhere extension installed in your browser, go to YouTube and type the title you want into the search engine.

You will notice that a digit appears in the list to the right of each suggestion, which corresponds to the number of monthly searches for each keyword.

Tag per YouTube

Currently YouTube has disabled, by default, the display of tags used when posting a video.

I tag per YouTube they work by specifically inserting a video, looking for one of the most Popular related to the topic you want to publish.

Next, go to the description box and expand it by clicking on Show more At the end of this description you will find the tags used.

With all this information you can determine which ones will be the best keyword to use as a title, description and tag in your video.

Go ahead and take full advantage of these free extensions that Google Chrome offers you and enjoy a better ranking. Because you know how to find the best keywords or keywords for YouTube.

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