How to fix iMovie error when it won't let me export 1080p 60f videos

Through this guide we will teach you how to fix iMovie error when it won't let me export 1080p 60f video, a fairly common mistake of this editor from the Apple company.

What is iMovie?

THE video editing It is not new, in fact, there are many applications that have emerged for computer users. Apple hasn't been left behind and has been offering its iMovie program since 1999.

iMovie is a software created by the Apple company with the purpose of make video edits very easily. It is certainly not a very professional program, in fact, it is mainly intended for those who want to edit high quality videos, but at an amateur level, being perhaps the best alternative to Windows Movie Maker in Apple operating systems.

If you are looking for something more professional, the best thing is that you learn all about editing and exporting 4K video from Premiere Pro or another similar program. Either way, iMovie is a good option if you want to do something simple.

How to fix iMovie error when it won't let me export 1080p 60f videos

Even so, like any program, it usually has drawbacks or errors. One of them is that iMovie does not allow you to export 1080p video, but this can be fixed with a few tricks.

Fix iMovie error when it won't let you export 1080p 60f video

The first thing is to describe the problem, which arises when it comes to exporting the video. The downside is that there is no option to export it to 1080p quality, which is very frustrating, as these are the most common resolutions today.

It is undoubtedly one of those extremely annoying problems, especially after working on a video for a long time. Either way, there are some things you can try to prevent that this problem occurs again.

Try including a different video in the project

iMovie is one of the best programs to edit video without watermark, so trying some tricks can help you use it properly. That said, the first thing would be to include a different video that is 1080P, something that can help display this option when exporting. Include a different video from the clips you tried can help with this app error.

The problem is that it doesn't always work with projects you've worked on. Even so, it's worth a try, that's enough add a video to the project which exists with a resolution of 1080p. This usually helps to fix the problem which usually responds to a bug in the platform.

If you're still unsure, the process is simply dragging a clip onto the project timeline. It is usually recommended to do this at the beginning of the project if you get the error that you cannot export to 1080.

How to fix iMovie error when it won't let me export 1080p 60f videos

To check if it works, simply run the above process and go to the export section. If the option for export at 1080P, the little trick shown above worked correctly.

Why am I getting the error that iMovie won't allow me to export at 1080p?

There is no specific cause for this problem, however we can come to certain conclusions based on the tricks to fix it. First, the possible reason for this is that the iMovie program does refer to the first clip that we use in our projects.

In other words, the first clip represents a reference in terms of resolution of the project. This may limit the resolution to that of the first video added to the timeline.

As we pointed out earlier, it's not a proven cause, but some people have reported this behavior. For this reason, following the trick shown above, i.e. adding a foreign video to the project in 1080p resolution, can help resolve the error.

iMovie on the other hand just works on desktop computers, but there is also the ability to edit videos on Android and iPhone using Kinemaster and other mobile alternatives, useful even if you can't fix iMovie export error.

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