How to fix Instagram has stopped UNEXPECTED

How to fix Instagram has stopped UNEXPECTED

Instagram is an emerging social network that has managed to carve a respected gap between two of the heavyweights (Facebook and Twitter). In the Green Android we have already seen some other tutorials based on this social network, see how to make polls on Instagram , how to know who does not follow me on Instagram or cannot upload image to Instagram Although it is true that despite being stable enough, this application is not error-free, one of the most common is when the message appears «Instagram stopped unexpectedly». The truth is that it rarely happens, but when it does it's very frustrating, if you're one of the lucky few who doInstagram application stopped unexpectedly, please read the article till the end to find out the solution we provide here.

What to do when Instagram has stopped?

If you are one of those who say «Ho I got it that Instagram has stopped» and you don't know why, the truth is that it can be for a multitude of causes, one of them is that the application has had some kind of data related problem or caching them. In any case, stay calm as you should know that you don't have any kind of problem with your account  or with your terminal, so if unfortunately Instagram stopped, we'll see 3 possible solutions.

How to fix Instagram suddenly stopped in 2022

Now we will see 3 methods to solve the annoying message of process and has stopped or similar.

Fix Instagram unexpectedly stopped in 2022 (Method 1)

This method is the simplest and simplest of all, but it is still the method more effective to resolve the message "unfortunately Instagram has stopped".

Restart your mobile

So simple, you can't imagine how many times a single reboot is enough to fix problems like this. The fact is that as the days go by it is possible that nefarious processes accumulate in this application  and that this social network doesn't work as well as it should, with a simple restart will fix it. To do this, you will only have to press the power button for a few seconds until the restart option appears.

Fix Instagram stopped loading video 2022 (Method 2)

If the first method didn't help you with this problem it is possible that there is a error with the cache of Instagram, don't worry we will explain how to clear the cache in a few steps.

Enter Configuration or Settings

In your terminal, navigate to the section "Settings" o "Settings", this may vary depending on your Smartphone.


Of all the options we will look for the one that says «Applications» let's go in there.


Now among all applications let's try the application of this social network.

Storage space

Now we will see the following options:

  • Storage space.
  • permits
  • Notifications
  • Open by default.
  • Battery.

We're interested in "Storage Space" let's go in there.

Clear Instagram cache and data

Now click on "Delete data" e "Clear cache memory". This will most likely solve your problem  Instagram has unexpectedly stopped. If not, I invite you to read the last tip.

Factory reset mobile (method 3)

In case the message «Instagram stopped unexpectedly» does not disappear, the last resort is format the terminal, but remember to make a backup, because you will lose everything. Here I leave you a tutorial to know how to factory reset a mobile.

Well, now you know what to do when Instagram has stopped in mid-2022, I hope I have been helpful to you. Remember that if you have a problem you can leave me a comment, I will answer you, don't forget to share and thank you for your visit.

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