How to fix Minecraft audio problem easily

Many claim that playing any console game on a computer is much better than on the original system due to the look and feel of the game.

This has made the computer the preferred habitat for gamers of all types looking to play whatever they like. Also, as it happens on console;  The computer has its own unique games that have made millions of people want to buy a computer just to play this game.

A perfect example is World of Warcraft, as well as TeamFortress 2 (which has an Xbox 360 port) or even Minecraft; although the latter is expanding to other consoles thanks to the great success it has had on the computer. It should be noted that before downloading a game it is important that you know if it works correctly on your pc.

Nowadays, it seems hard to believe, but Minecraft is started out as a very small game developed by a handful of people and today is one of the most played and popular. For this reason, many gamers have been looking for the best version of this game to enjoy it on PC.

On the other hand, a game like Minecraft, which depends a lot on its environment and on the particularity of being able to immerse its player in a world of fantasy and adventure; It requires that the game can run smoothly, so that there are no problems while playing the game.

However, while it is a fairly stable game for the most part, it is possible to have some issues while playing. It is for the latter that below we will talk about one of the biggest problems you can have: sound.

How to fix Minecraft audio problem easily

Problemi audio in Minecraft

As we said before, it is rare that Minecraft have some kind of problem in general, whether it's a problem in terms of graphics or performance.

These are problems that do not appear in an official copy of the game, because new patches are always created to fix the problems in new versions.

Even when you install a package of texture, you may not encounter any kind of problem; Unless you have a computer that doesn't meet the game's requirements somewhere.

However, one problem that has become a bit common in a couple of versions of the game is not having any kind of sound;  but fortunately it is something that can be fixed without problems.

How to fix Minecraft audio problem easily

Solve the audio problem

If you are here due to an audio problem in your Minecraft game; You may have noticed that your game doesn't have any kind of sound and if so, you don't need to be afraid as it has some solutions very simple.

In case any of the solutions don't work for you, you can always move on to the next one and try because this is a problem that can be rooted in different places.

To start, we need to talk about the most obvious, are you sure your game has a sound? Go into the game options and check the audio options to see if the audio controls are ok. Also, be sure to do the same with the audio mixer of Your computer and check that the program Minecraft has audio enabled.

Now, if this isn't an issue and you don't have audio in your game yet, you may want to update your computer's audio driver. This can be done manually or via programs such as Driver Easy, to check that everything is in order.

You can also try combinations F3 + S o F3 + T to see if they work as they serve to restart the game and some players have reported that it helps. If not, and if you are in the edition JAVA, you can go to the video options of the game and change the " Livelli Mipmap “; but if that or nothing works, maybe it's better to reinstall the game.

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