How to fix motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9 error in Windows 10 easily?

When using PS3 controller on computer, many users reported motioninjoy error 0x-1ffffdb9. This mistake in the middle of your game can certainly spoil the moment, but the truth is that it is very easy to fix. Do you want to know how? Follow this tutorial so you can get back to playing with the controller on your PC.

Why does this error occur?

The first thing you should know is that the license for this software expired in 2014 so it is not surprising to find error 0x-1ffffdb9 and other types of errors. However, the most common cause is the Windows time error, so it's very easy to fix.

Other possible failures are related to the corruption of installed files or directly to incorrect installation. For each of these problems you will find a solution that you can try.

How to fix motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9

There are various solutions for this failure, but here you will find some of the most common that stand out for both their simplicity and their effectiveness.

Solution one: change the date and time

This is the simplest solution because it prevents the above warning from being triggered right from the start. In this sense, the first thing to do is disable the automatic option that adjusts the date and time.

To do this, go up "Start" and enter "Settings". Once there, go to the section corresponding to the time, you will be able to see a tab that refers to the automatic adjustment. If it is active, you just have to click on it to deactivate it.

How to fix motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9 error in Windows 10 easily?

Now you need to access the "Command Prompt". You can do this by right-clicking on start and selecting the corresponding option. You can also run it directly by entering the command "cmd" in the initial search bar and pressing "Enter".

At this point what you should do is enter the command that will allow you to change the system date. To do this it is necessary to insert the word “Date” followed by the new desired date. It is recommended that it be one that corresponds to the year 2013 to avoid the motioninjoy error 0x-1ffffdb9.

In this way the syntax of the command to be entered would be similar to this “date 01-01-13”. Once this is done and pressing "Enter" you should see the change directly on the taskbar.

Solution 2: reinstall the app

As simple as going to the official MotioninJoy website, there you can download the program you need and reinstall the files if they have been damaged. Once uploaded to your PC you just need to run it and follow the corresponding steps. Note that this will fix the motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9 error if it's due to a file malfunction and not your license expiring.

Solution 3: Install an alternative

Since the motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9 error is essentially related to a certification issue, it may be better to use different software. While this is the most commonly used, the truth is that there are other programs that allow you to use your PS3 controller to play on the PC.

How to fix motioninjoy 0x-1ffffdb9 error in Windows 10 easily?

In this sense, the first thing to do is to uninstall the program in question. To do this, open the “Settings” menu from the launch bar and access the "Applications and features" section. There you can see a list with all the programs installed on your computer, so you need to locate MotioninJoy.

Once selected, you can activate the uninstall option and confirm your selection when prompted. With this now if you can use another application that allows you to continue enjoying your command and you will even find applications to use it on your Android.

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