How to follow someone on Twitter without them knowing

How to follow someone on Twitter without them knowing

Hmm… If you are anything more than curious and want yes or yes, follow the trail of that guy or girl on Twitter but without him knowing or finding out and therefore, being able to know some “things and details » first person from him and in the most absolute anonymity… Then, this article will fall on you like rain in May because here we are going to explain to you the best alternative or solution that can be implemented for this purpose without having any problems or, without leaving any evidence or that can find out this » malice «. Next, we'll leave you alone follow someone on twitter without knowing or finding out.

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How to Follow Someone on Twitter Without Their Knowing | Clarifications

Before we begin, it's worth clarifying that anyone could I will create an account on your Twitter has the ability to follow someone and be followed by other users and every time someone follows another, the user gets a notification that he kept pinpointing the person or brand or company who is following him and so far all is well with the system of following and being followed on Twitter.

However, and being more incisive in these matters, every Twitter user has the ability or option to accept or refuse to be followed by someone, a certain brand or company and, moreover, can privatize their Twitter so that no one else in addition to his followers see what they see emits in his tweets being so, very suspicious of his content and being much more difficult to follow him on Twitter.

This way following someone on Twitter under normal or regular channels becomes a real odyssey when you need to protect your identity from that other user and also avoid the possibility of being accepted by him and somehow skipping that privacy profile of that user.

But in the face of all these inconveniences, there is a good solution that allows you to follow someone on Twitter in a positive way without this user knowing at all that you are following them and then, I'll leave it up to you.

How to Follow Someone on Twitter Without Their Knowing | Solution

Firstly, you should exclude the use of your Twitter account that you have for this purpose, since it is very likely that you have photos, comments or data that can show your identity to this user and if he has a certain dislike or rejection in your comparisons – most likely-, is that he will remove you from his followers on the spot.

In these circumstances, the best solution is to be able to create a new Twitter account with a fictitious identity and not only that, to make it much more real, that account must come to life.

That is, a new name will be added, Tweets, photos, videos, different users will be followed, likes will be given this way, to give some credibility to the new profile created on Twitter but yes, the created content should not show something about your identity.

Now, to be much more detailed and careful with this new Twitter account, you need to create it with registration data that the user you want to follow does not know.

Let me explain, you can't create a Twitter account with an email or a mobile number that he knows because for sure, if he's looking for friends on Twitter he could find you and solve unfinished business with that data, so you'll have to create a Twitter profile with another email and mobile number.

Finally, and to do things like a true professional, the new profile you're going to create must be really attractive, interesting and pleasant or, based on that user's tastes and hobbies, so that he has the pleasure of being accepted. as a follower and also, skip the barrier of a private profile.

This is how they can proceed when curiosity and restlessness are stronger and they want to know how to follow someone on twitter without them knowing you are following them and in complete anonymity.

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