How to Format Information Text in Microsoft Word - Very Easy

What is informational text and what is its style?

We call informational text any text published or prepared for convey information, be it news or information. Although it exists in many forms, the truth is that there is no way to do it.

In any case, following a series of guidelines you can get a result very close to that offered by platforms such as newspapers, newspapers or magazines. It is a very simple process that can be done with Microsoft Word, as the application has all the necessary tools for this purpose.

It is also convenient to make a sheet of letterhead in Word, as it is something widely used in informational texts. In any case, if you want to learn the basics of informational texts, read the following information.

How to Format Information Text in Microsoft Word - Very Easy

How to Format Information Text in Microsoft Word - Very Easy

To produce a quality informative text it is essential to take some aspects into consideration. To be more specific, an informative text is mainly defined by its appearance, so keep in mind the following:

Page format for information text

The page format is essential to give the appearance of an informative text, in fact it is one of the most relevant aspects to obtain that professional result we want:

  1. Open your Word document or create a new one.
  2. Go to the Page Layout section which you will find in the tabs at the top of Microsoft Word.
  3. In this section, locate the Dimensions section and select A3.
  4. Still within Page Layout, locate Margins and click on that option. There select Strict, in this way the margins will be reduced, which is very characteristic of informative texts.
  5. Go to Custom Margins, an option that you can access via the Margins section. There you change the top and bottom margins to 2 cm.
  6. Still within the Page Layout option, go to the Columns section. Select Two columns, which is the standard for this type of text.

In connection with the above, it is important to consider the creation of margins and text according to APA standards in Word, since in many places it is necessary, but if it is not a requirement, the above measures can be carried out.

Font format for information text in Microsoft Word

Likewise, the letter is closely related to the format we cover in our sheet, so we believe it must be related and meet certain requirements. Read the following guide to guide you through the process:

  1. Now select all the text and go to the Home section where you can change the format and font.
  2. We recommend selecting Century Gothic.
  3. As for the size of the letter, it is advisable to manage 14 points in bold in the case of titles, in the same way it is advisable to use a colored background in the case of titles. Also, to improve the look, you might want to use the font color in white, at least for the title.
  4. For the text content, however, it would be better to leave it in 11 points, using the base color (black).
  5. The text must be justified.

On the other hand, if the text is of your authorship and you want to denote it, we recommend that you know how to create a custom stamp in Word that you can add to your texts with an informative or professional nature.

How to Format Information Text in Microsoft Word - Very Easy

Information text headings in Microsoft Word

Many do not take headings into account, however for informational texts they are very important in Microsoft Word. Apply them as follows for this type of document:

  1. It is best that each of the sections of the informative text have a specific title.
  2. To access the header options, double-click the top of the document.
  3. We recommend that you name each section of your text, the name should be oriented on the left side of the paper. Instead, to the right of the header, you should put the day of the week, followed by the date, for example: Friday May 1 2020.
  4. In the case of the footer, the most advisable thing would be to indicate the name of the author or publisher, this is centered. You can also use the tools to add borders or other "embellishments" to embellish the text.
  5. Either way, you can also insert different headers and footers into your Word document, but it's best to always stick to informational text standards (if needed).
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