How to format NTFS on a Windows hard drive or USB stick from Mac OS

NTFS is a file format very well known, mainly attributed to the Windows platform and is the format in which as many hard drives are usually used as other storage units in said system, today you will learn how to format in NTFS from Mac OS.

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The Windows format and the Apple format

NTFS format

The Windows operating system is very different from what Apple offers us with Mac OS, in the same way the file system present in both OS is very different. In the case of Windows we have the file system NTFS.

The NTFS format is a lot efficient, being the most popular used within Windows. Unfortunately, its implementation is not fully exploited in Mac OS, before it could not be formatted in that system, but today there are some tricks for this purpose.

How to format NTFS on a Windows hard drive or USB stick from Mac OS

APFS format

From Apple, we have the system APFS, this format is present in computers with Mac OS operating system. It is the latest file system developed by the Apple company, which replaces the HFS + format.

To date, it is the default format in Apple computers, has shown great improvements, and is particularly useful with solid state drives (SSD) and removable drives.

How to format NTFS on a Windows hard drive or USB stick from Mac OS

Originally the operating system Mac it didn't have the ability to format in NTFS, although there are several methods we can do this with. In this case we will use Tuxera NTFS, a very useful application for formatting correctly in NTFS.

  1. The first step is download the tool, you can get it via this Tuxera NTFS link. Please note that the full version of this program is paid, the price is affordable.
  2. Once you have downloaded the application, proceed with the installation. Follow the steps until finished installation, when finished you can start using it.

NTFS formatting begins

  1. The first thing to do is connect the hard drive to the computer. Verify that the computer has detected it correctly. After this, it's time to start the program.
  2. To start the application you need to go to the section System Preference inside your Mac computer.
  3. Almost at the end will the option NTFS per Mac OS X, click on it.
  4. Within the application screen you will see several options, the first thing you should do is locate the hard drive you want to format.
  5. Click on the hard drive you want to format, as you will notice, the option Delete appears to the right of the application . Pressing on this option will appear the options to format our hard drive, you need to select the file system Windows NT which is one of the versions of this operating system.
  6. In the second option you can change the name of your volume, it is not a necessary step but you can customize it to your liking. Once the configuration is complete, click on the option Remove.
  7. Wait until the process is finished and you will have your disk in NTFS format.

How to format NTFS on a Windows hard drive or USB stick from Mac OS

After the above process, you can format the file system NTFS very easily via Mac OS. There is no need to look any further, as this method is functional and very easy to use. Finally you should know that you can also format USB flash drive to FAT32 on Mac.

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