How to forward a WhatsApp without showing «forwarded»

How to forward a WhatsApp without showing «forwarded»

WhatsApp has long allowed us to forward messages, photos or videos directly to our contacts, but it hasn't been long since a label appears in the messages we forward "Submitted", because there is a way to forward a message without that label appearing and we will teach you how to do it.

First of all, you'll need to know that it's going to work only with elements that we can share, i.e. audio and images, so it remains to see how we can forward WhatsApp messages without the «Forwarded» label appearing so that your contacts do not know that message is from another contact.

Forward images and audio without showing forwarded

WhatsApp has introduced the forwarded label measure for chain messages, so that the contacts you've added to your address book know that this message has been sent multiple times, there is also another label "forwarded too many times". Therefore to be able to send a message without showing «forwarded» follow these steps:

  1. The first step will be open WhatsApp and we will have to go to the element we want to send, in our case an image, but you can also do it with an audio or a document.
  2. Long press the item to forward.

  1. The image, audio or document will be selected, because now you will have to click on the 3 points that appear at the top right.

  1. We will select "Share".

  1. Finally we will have to select the contact to whom we want to send the image and we will be able to see that it has been sent, but without the "submitted" tag. This way your contact will never know if the image or audio belongs to someone else.

The above is explained for Android devices, in case you have an iPhone the procedure is very similar but instead of holding you will have to press the image directly to access it and from there you can press the share button to be able to select the desired contact.

In this This way you can send a WhatsApp message without the forwarded label appearing, so your contacts don't know its origin, and when you send a photo you can edit it before sharing it, in case you want to change or add something.

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