How to free up iCloud storage without losing files? - Very easy

Generally this storage system offers 5GB of free storage to the user who registers on the Apple platform.

Since many users are short on this amount of space, the goal of this article is to offer a solution to secure one greater storage capacity in iCloud.

What do you need to do before freeing up iCloud storage space?

The idea of back up important data is the most reliable way to avoid losing an important file contained in your device and avoid the inconvenience of trying to recover deleted files.

This can be stored in your email or in some section of the internal memory, so that it is protected after following the procedures that will be recommended to you.

How to free up iCloud storage without losing files? - Very easy

On the other hand, it is also necessary to know the available memory capacity, in order to evaluate how essential it is to carry out this type of management. The acquisition of this information will directly depend on the type of iPhone (for example) you are using:

In case you wish clear iCloud storage on an iPhone with an iOs version 10.3 or later, you just need to log in to your ID to enter the «iCloud» section. There you will find the option «Manage storage space».

If, on the other hand, you wish to carry out this check in a version earlier than the one mentioned, you just need to access the "iCloud" section located within the settings and enter "Storage".

Find out how to free up your device's iCloud storage space!

Be through a computer than a mobile phone, whenever cloud storage announces its collapse, you should consider deleting those files deemed unnecessary.

Generally this is the primary method of acquiring space (free) for the new data that will be inserted into the device. This is why the iCloud service allows this type of modification, since the user has total autonomy of the content they want to keep in their account.

To get started, you need to go to the operating system's "Settings" to find the "iCloud" option and access all its settings.

How to free up iCloud storage without losing files? - Very easy

Within the list you will find the option "Archiving and copies", in order to manage the content that is stored there.

Every aspect of the storage will be cataloged according to the type of file it contains, it will be up to you to investigate each of them to evaluate what content you need and separate it from what you want to delete.

If you want to delete some specific files, click on the "Edit" option and start swiping everything you want to delete to the right.

In reverse, if you want to delete all information stored in the cloud, at the bottom is the "Delete all" option, which will allow you to format the account and have the 5 GB available again.

Tips for Choosing the Right Content When Freeing Up iCloud Storage

To delete the appropriate content from the cloud, the one that will give you the most space available, you should follow the following tips:

  • Choose anything that can be considered "old". As devices are used, files that are considered important are protected, which diminishes their interest over time.
  • If you've backed up your device's content to the cloud in the past, that amount of stored space may still be there. For this reason, it is recommended to locate old backups to check which ones are not important and which are not, in order to delete them.
  • The same happens with multimedia content, which sometimes contains unnecessary files. Generally this type of format is the one with the largest size.

Once you are done with evaluate aspects of your iCloud account, you can once again have enough space to continue storing important content.

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