How to generate a complete report of network connections in Windows?

It is quite common for users to tend to look for ways in which they can have more control over the different types and connections of existing networks they are connected to. This way they also have a log of the Wi-Fi networks they have configured and used.

To do this, it is necessary to use multiple tools, which will help us carry out this task. In this post we will explain to you the correct way with which you can generate a detailed report on all those network connections that have been used within Windows 10.

Network connection reports

Windows 10 is a platform that allows us to create a report on the network connections we have connected to previously. To do this, we simply have to follow a series of steps, which we will explain later.

This is a report that not only shows the name of the networks, but also gives us details on the duration of the online session, some errors that may have occurred, what network adapters are used.

As you can see, these reports are quite comprehensive and provide all curious with greater control and knowledge of all the networks they have been to connected.

How to generate a complete report of network connections in Windows?

Start generating Wi-Fi reports in Windows

To start generating a Wi-Fi report within Windows, we just have to start opening the "Command Prompt". Once opened, we run it as administrator and proceed with starting the command “Netsh wlan show wlanreport”.

Once this command is executed, we have to wait a few seconds for the process that was started to reach the end. However, it shouldn't take long.

Once this process is finished, we can see that a message will appear on the main screen giving you the correct signal on the completion of the process. This message will also explain to you that the process, in addition to being finished, has created a special report in which we will also be shown a correct path to be able to open it.

It is important that you know that the file that is created here is a file HTML which will collect all information of the system and will provide you with details. Access this path to be able to open and run it using any of your available browsers, as it will open as if it were a web page.

There we can see a large amount of information that will show us all the details about the data that is reflected on the network card, the system we use and also relevant information about the installed drivers.

How to generate a complete report of network connections in Windows?

What is the importance of maintaining security?

While this may seem like an obvious problem, it is important to stress the importance and need to keep these items safe and up to date.

The attacks we can receive are many and they can come from where you least expect them. Likewise, it is possible that these threats begin to affect how we browse or use our web tools in a much more meaningful way.

For this reason it is necessary that when we generate our passwords, we do this so that they are strong and complex, using an alphanumeric configuration and inserting them with other special symbols.

In this way we can prevent some intruders from entering our networks and our devices are not affected.

It is also important to update and monitor all those applications and items whose main function is to download. To do this, you need to configure warning popups and downloads on disallowed or suspicious sites. It is also vitally important to keep the latest patches and updates existing on all of ours uses installed and updated, in particular on those concerning the safety of our equipment.

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