How to get carrots or carrot seeds from Minecraft

How to get carrots or carrot seeds from Minecraft

There are two specific methods by which we can get carrots in minecraft, the first is to find villages and biomes in Minecraft and the second is through zombies. Please read the following information carefully to learn more about the process of obtaining carrots in Minecraft.

Get carrots or seeds in Minecraft villages

Without a doubt, the easiest way to find carrots in Minecraft is to go to the villages, as villagers usually plant this popular vegetable. If so, all you need to do is go to the carrot plantation and take them directly.

You will be able to recognize carrots very easily as they are usually found in large orchards. You can even create an automatic garden in Minecraft. Since not all orchards we find in the villages of Minecraft have this crop, it is convenient to know other ways to get carrots in the video game.

How to get carrots or carrot seeds from Minecraft


Many people don't know this, but it is possible to get it carrots directly from the zombies. In fact, zombies usually have fruits, vegetables, and other items, such as carrots.

To get a carrot from a zombie it will be necessary to eliminate it, in any case it should be noted that the chances of getting a carrot are very low. Even so, commonly, the Minecraft user will encounter many zombies during his games, which is why it is worth pointing out this usually unknown data.

In turn, the zombies also carry potatoes, wheat and many other items that may come in handy as you venture into the world of Minecraft.

What can we do with carrots and their seeds in Minecraft?

Carrots have various uses within Minecraft, in fact it is an element characterized by its own multiple features. Below are some of the things you can do with carrots in Minecraft:

Plant them

Undoubtedly, one of the most important points of carrots in Minecraft is that we can plant them as well as various elements in the game. To realize this option, you will need to have a farmland appropriate, a process that can be done very easily.

You can prepare the ground for sowing carrots using the "hoe" tool or “zappa” which you will need specifically to prepare any area of ​​land for cultivation. In turn, it will be necessary to create water channels and locate crops in places with a lot of light. In this sense, you can choose to automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft.

The simple process of planting, once you have prepared the soil properly, just plant the carrots and wait for them to grow. It should be noted that it is also possible to make this fruit grow faster using bone powder.

How to get carrots or carrot seeds from Minecraft


Without a doubt, the main purpose of carrots is their usefulness as food, something particularly useful in Minecraft survival mode.

Your character will be able to eat carrots without any kind of treatment, that is, in the natural or raw state. Although you can also do it rabbit stew, which will undoubtedly offer improvement before eating it completely raw.

Other uses of carrot in Minecraft

The carrot has various uses, one of the most popular is to use it in a fishing rod. In fact, you can use one carrot as a bait when fishing, which will increase the chances of getting fish.

In turn, it should be noted that there is a variant of carrots, known as the golden carrot, which is made by combining eight gold nuggets with a carrot. This item is useful for taming horses and donkeys and can also be used to breed rabbits and even make potions such as Night Sight.

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