How to get diamonds in You like and what they are used for

Thanks to the incredible rise of TikTok, a short video social network was born that currently has 150 million users worldwide. We are talking about Likee, another platform that is doing what it takes to continue its accelerated expansion around the world. For this today we will explain how to get diamonds on Likee and what they are for.

Whatever the reason, it is very likely that if you are a regular Likee user at some point you have wanted to get diamonds. It is undoubtedly a very important element within this social network. Do you know how it works? Well, here we explain everything to you so that you can clear up any kind of doubts:

What are diamonds and what are they for

How to get diamonds in You like and what they are used for

All about Likee diamonds

In Likee, i diamanti they are a currency that is paid for with real money. These are used so that you can buy gifts for your favorite creators, to give them to someone for their work or simply to give a gift to a user of the platform that is special to you.

Within the app, people can purchase diamonds with prices ranging from $ 1,08 (42 diamonds) to $ 101,45 (5000 diamonds). Buying and using this currency on Likee are essential to increase the levels of popularity on the social network. As if that weren't enough, you can cash them into a bank account (even if the company takes about a month to pay them).

As you can imagine, diamonds try to increase the motivation of Likee users to spend more time on the app. Undoubtedly, these represent a great way for users to profit financially while having fun at the same time.

Methods for getting diamonds on Likee

How to get diamonds in You like and what they are used for

So you can get diamonds on Likee

The easiest way to get diamonds on Likee is to pay. If you want to buy some, go to your profile by tapping the icon at the top left. Once inside, go down until you reach the «Portfolio» section. So when you go to buy diamonds, you just have to go to this part of the application to carry out the transaction that is right for you.

Be careful, it is necessary to point out that from time to time some tricks appear to get seeds that you can later exchange for diamonds in Likee. However, they are temporary methods, so you should run them as soon as you look at them as they may lose their validity over the course of months. If you want to get some free diamonds, you can check on YouTube as there are many users explaining a diverse number of tricks. Of course, be careful as some are smoke salespeople just looking to get hits and their methods aren't as effective as they seem.

Did you understand? Diamonds in this social network are very important, but they are not essential to have a good experience on Likee. However, there is no denying that they could be very useful to you if you want to gain popularity on the platform.

If you've dared to try the app, see everything you need to create a Likee account. And if you want to use it from your computer, then check out this guide that explains how to use Likee from your PC.

And you, would you dare to buy diamonds?

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