How to get more likes on Instagram

How to get more likes on Instagram

Getting likes on Instagram it's not always easy, but you can apply certain methods so that over time you notice if your followers or new ones are liking your publications, so you can know in detail what those who follow you like the most

There is no quick way to get likes, it's a matter of patience and waiting, you as an Instagram profile owner have the ability to increase the likes of your posts, by following simple criteria that will probably end up working for you.

Likes are one of the most important metrics and let you know how many people have liked a certain publication, if you have few or none and you are just starting with your Instagram, following these best practices you will increase likes.

be consistent

The magic wand does not exist, the important thing is not to leave your profile ed be consistent in your publications, but without being too repetitive or posting a lot on a daily basis because otherwise your followers will leave you aside and will start to get interested in other profiles.

One posting or even 2 per day is a good amount of posts for instagram, another thing is instagram stories theme where you can upload more so that your followers know more about your content, become your follower and also be potential people to give likes.

Originality above all

Be original, use your imagination to post content on Instagram that hardly anyone has, or that already exists, but in another way, but don't abuse that originality either. Posting the same content over and over can get boring for your followers over time.

You have a multitude of filters to use, apps to edit images before uploading them to Instagram and another set of tools that can make you stand out from the rest of the people, so make the most of them and you will surely start adding more and more likes soon.

Usa gli hashtag

The hashtags they can also help you get likes on Instagram, your post will be more visible because it will be seen by thousands of people looking for posts for that specific like, with the possibility that they will enter your profile and like it.

Landscapes, quality images, photos with your pets and spectacular photos work very well on Instagram, although any other publication on very different topics can work very well, especially if accompanied by different hashtags.

Geographically locate your photos

In addition to hashtags, another way to discover new profiles on Instagram is through places where people geolocate their photos, so they can meet new people and their posts, become your followers and like everything you post..

It isn't always possible to geolocate the photos, but if you go on a trip, go to a restaurant or any other place, you can always enter the location of that place, so your photo will appear in the search for that area and also with the hashtag you used

Collaborate with other people

Another aspect to consider is that you can try to make collaborations with other known users, for example to make a giveaway, which will make your profile more visible than ever, you could get more followers and, consequently, you will have more likes on what you see and what you publish

You can do this when you already have a well-known Instagram profile, something that will help you a lot to get visibility, to make more people notice what you publish and to appreciate your posts more and more.

focus on one topic

Sometimes it is preferable to focus on a specific topic rather than "pecking" many different things, we say it if you plan to create an account that is not personal, but with a specific theme. For example, if you're an athlete, focus on this topic and leave more personal posts aside.

If you want, you can create a more personal account for the latter. If you choose to focus on one thing, this, along with using that theme's hashtags, will help your profile start growing, gain followers and likes, and more. Don't forget to be consistent and post every day.

Interact with other people

Following in the footsteps of the “follow to follow” motto, i.e. if you follow me I will follow you, interacting on other Instagram profiles by liking, following people, commenting and more can help the owners of those accounts do the same with you.

The question isn't asking them to like you because in the end it's as if you're forcing it, but rather that it's natural for those people to interact on Instagram it can help you gain visibility and get likes on your publications if they are interesting.

In conclusion, it should be noted that get likes on instagram it's a bit slow and can't be achieved overnight: if you can find your style and everything that works, your profile will surely become very popular in a short time.

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