How to heal villagers in Minecraft - Turn zombies into villagers

The variations of this game are absolutely amazing and we will tell you that they are there normal zombies and these turned other villagers into zombies.

And they can be perfectly differentiated from each other because the villagers have the same head as the others but with a light greenish tone and you will find it especially in the villages.

So that happen the transformation from villagers a Zombie, the latter must attack a villager to death, and this is the main cause of the transformation. It is undoubtedly a very interesting aspect of the game and that makes it so amazing where you can find zombies and even carve pumpkins for Halloween.

How to heal villagers in Minecraft - Turn zombies into villagers

How to heal villagers in Minecraft - Turn zombies into villagers

The things that happen in this game are very interesting, which is not how you think they should be. Since if a villager who is dedicated to the farmer, for example. After being attacked by one zombie will transform, but will keep the same profession until he is healed and returns to being a normal villager.

Many times you have come across some of these villager zombies in your home or farm and never imagined you could bring them back to normal.

So you can without major inconvenience cure him and have him imprisoned to torture him if you want or do with this villager what you want. Well then let's see what you need to do for heal villagers in minecraft: transform zombies into villagers.

Steps to heal villagers in Minecraft

heal a villager turned into a zombie it is necessary to use a golden apple and a passion of weakness. Of course, the latter option must be thrown. To make yourself better understood, you must first throw the potion of weakness at him. They are once weak, because you know that you cannot get close to him due to his violence.

You will be administering the Golden Apple, for this reason it is recommended that this zombie villager have him locked up or caged, to avoid setbacks. But surely you are wondering how do I get these items. Well, we have the answers and then we will introduce them to you.

You have to create the throwing weakness option and for this you must first create the Fermented Spider Eye, with the following materials Spider eye, which you can get from spiders you have killed or from witches. The next ingredient is sugar, which you will get from sugar cane and witches and finally Brown Mushroom, this you can collect in shady places.

Once you have these ingredients, place them on the crafting table and ready you will have fermented spider eye. Now you can prepare the potion of weakness, for this use a Distiller, also Flask of water, which you will get by creating a glass vial with the processing of three V-shaped crystals

Once you've filled the jar with water where you can, you'll also need the Blaze Powder from the Blaze Bars and finally the Fermented Spider Eye you've already created.

But as this option of weakness is thrown, it will be necessary for you to do so in the still. Then we will place the potion of weakness, the powder Blaze , e we will get gunpowder , obtained as loot from Creepers.

How to heal villagers in Minecraft - Turn zombies into villagers

Ready now we just need the golden apple, which you will create with eight gold bars from the mines and one regular apple. To do it, you have to place the apple in the middle and the ingots around and that's it. Now you just have to cast the potion of weakness and then give him the golden apple.

If he starts roaring and shaking, the healing process is taking effect and you just have to wait about five minutes for the zombies to become villagers again.

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