How to hide editing history on facebook

How to hide editing history on facebook

Surely more than once we have published something on Facebook and wanted to change or correct it thanks to a function that allows us to modify those publications. All the changes we make to each post are recorded and can be viewed by anyone, but it is Is it possible to hide or edit the edit history of a post? Coming soon, we tell you.

Facebook posts can sometimes play tricks on us or just when we post and we want to make a change, fortunately we can do it from the post editing panel, but that change is logged and can be seen by anyone, including those who haven't added to Facebook, as long as your Facebook isn't private.

All edits, likes, posts, even videos you watch within Facebook are recorded in an activity history, but we will teach you how to delete your Facebook activity history in a few easy steps.

Can I hide the edit history of a Facebook post?

The answer is no. As we said before, Facebook posts can be edited and all those edits are visible to anyone who wants to see them, so the only way we have to make them disappear is to delete the post and re-post it with the new edits we made. You can see a post with the changes below:

As you can see in the image of a publication, a few seconds later it has been modified, well, in the history of the edition we can see the changes that have been made to said publication.

If I edit a Facebook post, is it reposted?

No, the changes you make to a post do not generate a new post, they are only saved in the edit history of that post. In case you want your friends to know about the change, you will need to notify them.

How do I delete my editing history on Facebook?

You can't, changes you make to all Facebook posts can't be deleted, you just have to delete the post and resend it.

If I edit a post, do I get notified?

No, when we modify a publication on Facebook, no notification is generated to our friends, but there is a trick with which we can follow the activity of said publication and that is to activate notifications of the publication. We can only be notified when a comment is posted, but not a change in it.

When you edit a comment on Facebook, do you get notified?

No, i comments you edit on Facebook posts don't generate any notifications to the others, they will have to notice if you have edited a comment or not.

So with these questions and answers now you will definitely know that You can't delete or hide the edit history of a Facebook post and that you won't get notifications if a friend edited a post or if we made one, so you'll need to notify in addition.

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