How to hide my age on tinder

To be honest, age can be a factor against you when you want to find a partner or flirt on Tinder and therefore there are not a few users who wish they could hide or hide this cruel fact in order to have a better dating with the opposite sex in that first impression worth a lot… Well, at Practical we want to share the following article: how to hide my age on tinder which aims to clarify a few things about it so that they know what to expect for even the most coveted ones, we bring you a viable solution to stoically fix this woe when it comes to flirting on Tinder.

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How to Hide My Age on Tinder – Clarifications

First of all, it should be clarified that -unfortunately- from Tinder it is not possible to hide the age they have entered in their user profile. In other words, Tinder does not have an option so that this data is no longer shown to other users when scrolling through profiles, as well as when a user who has matched you enters your profile.

Now, having clarified the above, there is a solution to this age misfortune that can be very reasonable to implement so that this age factor does not act to the detriment when it comes to dating and flirting on Tinder and which consists of: basically - , in changing the age you have in Tinder, adding for this purpose a few more years or removing some others (without exaggeration) depending on your situation so that it works favorably for you.

Below and for those interested, we will explain how it is possible to change the age in Tinder for those who use the App or the web version, which is a more radical option, as well as the change of age in Tinder for those who have connected the own Facebook which It is much less radical than the previous one.

How to hide my age on Tinder – [App – web]

If you use the Tinder app or access the web version of Tinder, you should know that there is no option to change this age in Tinder. However, as we have already announced, there is a radical solution which is to delete your current Tinder account and after that, create a new Tinder account that is of the age that can be conducive for meeting people and flirting.

Note No. 1: It is important to state here that when you delete your Tinder account, all matches and conversations you have in that Tinder account will be deleted and for these reasons, we recommend that you reach out to people you don't want to lose touch with and ask kindly give them some other means of communication so as not to lose sight of them forever.

Change your age on Tinder – [App – web] | STEP 1: Sign in to Tinder

So if they have decided on this solution and have taken the appropriate measures not to lose any contact they have had on Tinder. Then, they will need to log into their Tinder account.

Change your age on Tinder – [App – web] | STEP 2: Delete account and Tinder

They will press or click profile icon which is located in the upper left (if they use a mobile phone).

They will go to their profile and now press or click icon gear-shaped to go to Settings.

This will open the Settings section and here they will scroll down and click on the option that says: Delete account and then confirm this action.

Change your age on Tinder – [App – web] | STEP 3: Create a new Tinder

With the above, open deleted your Tinder account and now it's time to create a new Tinder account just like you did with the previous account, but this time you must be especially careful to put the age you want to be in order for it to act favorably for you and that's it, radical but effective.

How to hide my age on Tinder with Facebook

If you have connected your Facebook account to have a Tinder profile, you should know that to make an age change on Tinder you will necessarily have to do it on Facebook so that this change is reflected in your Tinder user profile.

Note °2: It should be warned here that changing your age on Facebook is limited to a certain number of times and within a range of prudent times and therefore it is advisable to do it only once or twice so as not to have any restrictions in the future.

Change your age on Tinder with Facebook | STEP #1: Login to Facebook

Therefore, anyone who uses a PC or computer must access their Facebook account and with it they will arrive at their Facebook timeline and here they will have to click on their name to access their Facebook profile.

In the meantime, anyone using a mobile must open the Facebook App and once logged in, must click on the three horizontal bars that appear at the top right.

Change your age on Tinder with Facebook | STEP #2: Go to basic information

Once in your Facebook profile, PC users should click on the option that says: «Information» which is displayed under your Facebook cover photo.

Then, the About section will open and here, you can click on the option on the left which says: «Basic and contact information» or if you prefer, you can move the mouse cursor over your date of birth and with To do so, a link will appear that says: «Change your basic and contact information» which you will have to click on, that simple.

Instead, those using the mobile will scroll down and in doing so will find the option that says: «Information» which he will have to press to open this section and again scroll down and in doing so, they will find an item or section called: «Basic information» and they should click, where it says: «Modification» of this element.

Change your age on Tinder with Facebook | STEP #3: Change your age on Facebook

In the next step, PC users should go to the section called: «Basic information» and here, he will hover the mouse cursor over the date of birth and when he does, a link will appear on the right that says: «Modification» which they have to click to change it.

Consequently, the options will be shown to be able to change the date of your birth on Facebook and therefore here, you can click on the day, month and year so that the respective drop-down menus appear and you can select the date of birth that corresponds to a age they want to be for Tinder and after doing so, they will click on the square that precedes the text: «Please confirm that I am x years old» and finally they will click on the button that says: «Save Changes».

Now, those who use a mobile phone will access the date of birth section and here they will click on the icons (triangles) of the day, month and year so that in this way the respective menus will open and it will be possible to select the date they deem convenient to have on Tinder.

Finally, they will save the changes.

Perfect, they did great. They changed their date of birth on Facebook and the new age on their Tinder will be reflected in about 1 day (be patient). This is a palliative option for: how to hide my age on tinder and thus be able to get away with this crucial factor when meeting people and flirting on tinder, good luck.

Note No. 3: One more fact, the birthdate changer Facebook will be able to hide it as such and therefore your age does not appear in your Facebook account before other contacts or friends you have there, this can be done.

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