How to hide my entire Facebook friends list from my mobile

This time we will show you how to hide my entire Facebook friends list from my mobile.

Among the extensive functions it has, you can find many that allow you to keep certain data hidden, from people you don't want to have access to. As it is well known that using Facebook allowed to violate our privacy. And so this can also affect our security.

Knowing this, being Facebook one of the most used social networks, it has included in the configuration of its functions, options that prevent users from providing certain information, only to the people they want.

That is why in this article we can learn how to make certain information non-public and that is why we will explain step by step how to hide the entire Facebook friends list from my mobile

How to hide my entire Facebook friends list from my mobile

How to hide my entire Facebook friends list

These steps are really very easy to perform and you just have to pay close attention to the explanation we will provide you below, so that you can hide your friends list. To get started, we will log into the Facebook application via our mobile. We log in and we will wait for it to load and show us the home page.

Next, we need to enter the Facebook configuration, to do this we have to go to the top right of the screen. At this point we will find an icon with three horizontal lines and press there. A number of options such as groups, events, friend search, memories, page manager, etc. will appear.

Among all these options we will look for the one it says Settings and privacy, in this option we will press and more options will be displayed. Like settings, privacy shortcuts, Facebook time, language, data saver, etc. In our case we will select Settings.

Click on this option to select it and a new window will appear where we can access the account settings. Here we can change our personal information, languages. Even those aspects that have to do with Security, privacy, locks, etc.

We search this window until we find the Privacy option, this is where the options we want to configure are located. Then we're going to select, by clicking on the option Privacy settings. This will bring up new options, which you can change at any time.

Privacy settings

For our particular case, we will select and modify the option Who can see your friends list? To do this, click on this option. Below we are presented with several options, audience, friends, friends except and see more. If we press see more, two new options appear which are specific friends and only me.

Each of these options will allow you to perform a certain action. For example, if we select the option Only me, no one will be able to see my friends list, only me. If you select the public option instead, my friends list can be seen by everyone, including friends and those who are not. If I otherwise select the friends option, my list will only be seen by my friends.

How to hide my entire Facebook friends list from my mobile

Now, there are two options you can select, to apply certain restrictions, for example if the option is selected Friends except.  Your friends list can be seen by all your friends except the ones you don't want to see and you will see the names of your friends and only check those you don't want to show your list information to.

And finally, you have the option Specific friends, when you select it, you will see a list of your friends and you need to select only the ones you want to see your friends list on Facebook. And in this way you will have selected yourself who can see your Facebook friends list from their mobile.

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