How to hide received photos on WhatsApp Web

How to hide received photos on WhatsApp Web

Many times we have hundreds of prying eyes when we use our mobile or our computer, so there are times when we need a little more privacy and we want the contents we see on WhatsApp, for example, not to be seen, like the images we receive on the platform, in today's article you will see how to hide photos received on WhatsApp Web and keep them away from prying eyes.

Privacy is an important aspect in our daily life, there is too much private data that we show to the world through social networks or in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal, but we must always be careful or at least avoid greater exposure.

Next, you will see a series of methods to hide the photos that we receive through WhatsApp Web, different tools that will be very useful for maintaining privacy until we want to open and see that image.

Blurred images

Blur Images is an extension for Google Chrome which it will allow us to see the blurred thumbnails of the photos that are sent to us on WhatsApp Web, it will also hide the videos and any other multimedia content for as long as we want.

The extension is totally safe and free and has more than 2.000 downloads in the Google Chrome Store, so you don't lose anything and you can try it to see its great effect and thus get a little more privacy.

  1. Download blurry images for Chrome

Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web

Another extension available for Google Chrome, based on total privacy control in the web version of WhatsApp, with this extension you can also hide any photos, videos or GIFs you receive on WhatsApp Web.

Among the options we have, there is the possibility of also hiding the new messages that arrive to us and that we will be able to see when we decide, it has more than 10.000 downloads in the Google Chrome Store.

  1. Download the privacy extension for WhatsApp Web

whatsapp pop&blur

This extension it only works in firefox, if you are one of those users who have a default browser other than Google Chrome you can hide the photos you receive on WhatsApp Web, to do this you will need to install this extension in your browser and enable it.

By installing the Firefox extension, we will be able to open a new window in the browser in which WhatsApp Web will open, but this time all photos, videos and GIFs or thumbnails you send to us will be blurry.

  1. Download Pop&Blur for Mozilla Firefox

As you can see, there are several tools with which we can hide the photos we receive through WhatsApp Web because there are times when we are surrounded by people we may not want to see our conversations or the photos we receive.

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