How to insert a picture in Excel into cell or with formula

When you want to insert any type of image into an Excel sheet, the image sits above the cells, meaning it floats on the spreadsheet.

When you conditionally insert an image into Excel, it does not belong to any of the cells in our spreadsheet, and so here we will explain how to insert an image into a cell of Excel, in the appropriate way.

Process of inserting a picture into an Excel cell

How to insert a picture in Excel into cell or with formula

In this section we will explain in a very simple way how insert any image in an Excel cell If you haven't installed Excel yet, you can download this powerful tool at the following link: Download Excel from its official website.

If you already have Excel installed and working optimally on your computer, you can now proceed with the following instructions, to insert an image correctly in a cell of a spreadsheet.

Insert the image into the Excel spreadsheet

The first thing we need to do is to insert the image in the spreadsheet, to do this the following operations must be followed:

  • We locate the card Inserisci, is located in the top ribbon of Excel, next to this option is located between tabs Home e Page design.
  • After selecting the option Inserisci, we need to click on the Image option.
  • Finally we select the image we want to insert, this image must be saved in the computer, to select it to be insert.

Crop the image in a cell

After we have the image that will come inserted in a cell, we must delimit it with respect to the cell in which we are going to insert it.

For that, you just need to change the image size you want to, then place the image on the cell, ideally place it in the center of it.

Inserting the image into the Excel cell

After the image is in the center of the cell, you need to right-click on it and select the option Dimensions and properties. After selecting the mentioned option, you need to select the properties tab, three different options will appear, these are:

  • Move and resize cells.
  • Move, but don't resize cells.
  • Don't move or resize with cells.

The first option must be selected, so that when you change the cell size the image is changed, and so on the image is already inserted in the cell that we have chosen to place it. Likewise, they can be done with any images you want to add to your Excel sheet.

The benefit of performing this type of action for insert images into a cell Excel is that you can create tables with different product data with their respective images and if the cells are to be sorted from smallest to largest or in alphabetical order, the images will also be moved with. undoubtedly a great help.

We hope this step by step tutorial on how to insert an image in Excel into a cell or formula has helped you. If you want to know more about Excel, visit our article on how to freeze rows and columns in Excel.

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