How to insert my profile picture in WordPress comments | Create a gravatar

Today it is the most accepted CMS in relation to others Content Management System, in addition to the blogosphere, its success is due to ease of use, GPLy2 license, creation of add-ons or plugins such as an image or photo in the comments section, templates for the community, among others; At the beginning of 2019, 33,4% was used in different websites and 60,3% in content managers.

What is WordPress and who does it work for?

WordPress is an application for the development and maintenance of web pages, virtual shops, blogs, among others, without using codes, obtaining a custom design; that is, it acts as a content manager or CMS that allows the continuous updating of your material.

How to insert my profile picture in WordPress comments | Create a gravatar

WordPress is A software open source free, and you can get this application for free, users use it because it allows the creation of websites without having to program, in a visual way, similar to Microsoft Word; because in the past they were made in HTML programming language, which was boring and boring for programmers.

I CMS generano l’ HTML without user intervention, which allows you to create quickly and easily without having the knowledge of programming, in addition they already have all the necessary functions for a web embedded, such as contact forms, comments section, among others; today, corporate websites, magazines, online stores and digital newspapers are being created.

Is the comments section important in WordPress?

WordPress is designed to insert i comments from your readers, their opinions through the vote, which allows you to measure whether what you are writing has had enough interest or not; Additionally, they can communicate with you, ask questions and interact with other readers; Another benefit is knowing which comments are awaiting approval, pending, approved, or sent to the trash.

Another important aspect has to do with the adjustments what you can do in the panel to change them, which takes place through a configuration and according to your needs; for example, they can be banned individually, or that an administrator allows each comment or simply that avatars are displayed, although it may vary depending on the WordPress template.

How to insert my profile picture in WordPress comments or create a gravatar?

Gravatar is a portal to join or associate our website with a profile picture, i.e. users can upload or edit their avatars on so that comments are displayed with their corresponding avatar; Many of the comments that users write in other WordPress blogs, they like to post a photo or avatar to make it more personalized.

How to insert my profile picture in WordPress comments | Create a gravatar

Now, to register and personalize your profile photo WordPress in gravatar, it's very simple, the first thing is to go to the Gravatar page, click the button in the upper right corner, then enter the user and the password; In case you don't have the username, hit need an account and create a new one.

Next, in the top left corner, enter add image, a menu is displayed and displayed and it is here that you will upload the image that we want to associate with the comments that are published with this website; finally the result is confirmed.

To conclude, we can observe that the positioning of a photo accompanying the comments is very useful, because it is well personalized, giving greater security to future users; Furthermore, the procedure is very simple and easy to perform as long as you are using gravatar and WordPress.

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