How to insert or create the at symbol on the PC - @

The use of this symbol is such that your email address has it, your Twitter social network address has it. That is why you must somehow know how to put this symbol in order to communicate on the net. As we have already explained before, to perform specific actions on your computer you have to apply the combination of multiple keys.

In the following tutorial you will learn very simply which keys you need to press for put or do the at symbol on the PC - @. Without dwelling too much on the subject, we will explain the method we will apply, as well as indicate which key combinations you need to do in order to insert this character or symbol.

How to insert or create the at symbol on the PC - @

How to put or create the @ symbol

The next method or trick we're going to teach you is how to put or create the at symbol on the PC. You can do this on your personal computer or laptop, but the key combination may not be adequate or correct. For this reason we will show you various combinations based on your keyboard, let's get started.

We will teach you three ways to do it correctly, I want to tell you that you can enter this symbol of Arroba. Through the keyboard on any Internet page or any document, so the first method we are going to apply is this, if your keyboard is from a laptop that is missing the right side, with the number keys.

Press the Alt Gr key first and then without releasing it press the Q key, as you can see, the symbol will appear in your handwriting almost magically. This is the first way to   insert or create the at symbol on the PC. Now we're going to explain the second method that can work for including this character.

For the second method, we will apply it to keyboards which have the numeric part and which is on the right side. The key combination we will use is the following, you will have to press the Alt key and without releasing you must first press the 6 key and then the 4 key. And in this way the symbol will appear in your direction, written, etc.

Put the at symbol on the PC with the virtual keyboard

The third and last method that we are going to explain in order to be able to put or make the at symbol on the PC. It uses a very useful but little known tool and is nothing more than the virtual keyboard. With this keyboard we will be able to enter not only this symbol but also everything we need.

The first thing we need to do is have access to the virtual keyboard, we will do it as follows. We will go to the bottom left of our screen in the taskbar and select the magnifying glass.

A small Windows search box will appear and we'll write the following osk.exe and then press the Enter key.

Magically the virtual keyboard will appear on the screen, and now we will go to insert the at sign in the text or address. We will do it in the following way, we will indicate with the mouse pointer the End keys, then the Ctrl key, then the Alt key and finally the at sign or @ key.

How to insert or create the at symbol on the PC - @

And this way you can enter characters or symbols that you thought was not possible to do with the keyboard. Knowing these functions saves us time and work and it is so easy that you learned to put or create the at sign on the PC - @.

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