How to insert or insert background image and watermark in Word

So what you will learn, if you follow these simple steps carefully, is how to insert or insert a background image and watermark in Word, before to start, it is important that Word Office is downloaded and installed.

Note that this is paid software developed by Microsoft Corporation, but it offers you a free trial. If you were to buy it, rest assured it would be a good investment. The importance of office automation is becoming more and more visible since every company appreciates the mastery of these tools.

By giving it adequate time, for a few weeks, you will learn everything there is to know on Word, as well as the applications it has in business, both this program and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite.

If you already know how to insert and edit images in Word, now is the perfect time to learn how to position these images at the bottom of the texts. If you haven't mastered that part yet, it would be ideal to familiarize yourself with it. Next, we will teach you how to enter one watermark in a Word document. All learning has its own process, and this is no exception. But if you regret adding it, you can easily remove the watermark in Word. 

How to insert a background picture in Word?

One of the things you can do is insert an image (you can learn it in the link above). Once inserted, we will click on it and, in the design options, we will select the one called Behind the text. This will cause any text to remain on the image, fulfilling the task of leaving it as the background of the document.

How to insert or insert background image and watermark in Word

Keep in mind that you can change the image size, to fit the entire background of the sheet, or just a part.

Another way to insert a background image into Word would be to double-click the top margin of the sheet. This will open the heading of document. For this option, we will insert the image the same way, only in the header. Once positioned, click on another part of the screen and the header will close, leaving a background image with a less intense color.

How to insert or insert background image and watermark in Word

How to insert a watermark in Word?

Watermarks are text or images, generally with transparency, that are affixed to a document for prevent unauthorized third parties from using it, distribute it or take advantage of our work. Of course, something so important to offices is included as a tool in Microsoft software.

To insert a watermark, you will find the Design tab at the top of the screen. When selected, several options will be displayed. We will choose the so-called Watermark, present in the right part of the options.

There are several predefined watermark types, which are chosen based on the job in question and the standards we handle. But, of course, we have the option of making one ourselves. To this end, we will press the option Custom watermarks.

The window that appears will have two options: place an image as a watermark, or use a watermark with a text of our choice. Watermark text can be changed in size, font and color. In addition to choosing the semi-transparency and orientation on the sheet.

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