How to insert or type the euro symbol in Adobe Premiere

What else should we know about Adobe Premiere Pro?

As already mentioned, it is video editing software for both television, films and the web, converting the image material, thanks to the excellent tools and service it offers; as well as integration with other applications.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a important program for Windows computer, being able to edit any media in its original format for video at any level; Its newest and most recent version came out in April 2020 (14.1).

How to insert or type the euro symbol in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere offers us a large number of tools, effects and utilities to make quality videos. We can enhance the lighting of a video with Adobe Premiere, or we can also perform advanced audio mixing in Premiere.

Its level of accuracy allows us to synchronize audio and video simultaneously in Premiere; it even allows us to create a moving GIF image using Adobe Premiere. The above is a small preview of what is possible with Adobe Premiere.

Now, there are times when you are editing a video and you need to enter a title with certain characters that the Adobe Premiere Pro program ignores when you are about to type; therefore, one is required combination of keys to achieve this.

So we can use for this purpose, a coding model which is used in computer science called ASCII, which is the American standard code for exchanging information.

What is the ASCII encoding model?

Its creation took place in 1963 thanks to a reformulation that was made of the codes that were used for the time in telegraphy, subsequently the lowercase letters were added and other codes were modified.

ASCII is a character code based on the Latin alphabet, so it is used for convert a character that belongs to an original language like the letter of an alphabet, in a symbol belonging to another type of system.

It was created to standardize a set of rules, which allow us to convert the computer language into our alphabet ; With this, it was achieved that each character has its respective defined code.

An example can be cited, to write the letter ñ in ASCII, we would do this: press the «Alt» key on the computer keyboard without releasing, then the number «164» which is the code for this conversion and then the letter «n ".

How to insert or write the euro symbol in Adobe Premiere?

As mentioned, Adobe Premiere Pro is the ideal software for editing film, TV and web video; But if we have to insert the Euro symbol (€) in any video, we can do it directly on the our keyboard using this ASCII table.

How to insert or type the euro symbol in Adobe Premiere

  • First we position the cursor on the title, then we press and hold the key "ALT" on the right plus the number 5 and we will immediately see the € symbol; we get it in other ways as well.
  • If you press "ALT" on the same right side without releasing and then the letter "E" on the keyboard where you can see the euro symbol at the bottom of the key, you will see that we also get the same conversion.
  • Finally, it is accessed by pressing «ALT» on the left side without releasing, plus the numbers 0128 And that's it; the € symbol will be displayed again.

To conclude, we note that putting the Euro symbol (€) on our videos, when we use Adobe Premiere and we can thus conclude the editing work, it happens in a very simple and effective way at the PC; even using these ASCII codes.

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