How to insert or write letters, a word or a text vertically in a table in Word

Within its functionality, this is a rather curious action which consists of writing in upright position, as straight lines aren't the only thing you can place in this position .  This action can be implemented in several ways and here we will show you how to do it.

How to write vertically within a Word page

If you need to do some kind of upright text, you need to (not primarily) do it within a table that we can quickly and uncomplicatedly create within the document. To create a table and insert a paragrafo written vertically, you just need to follow the following steps.

  1. Start by writing the text that you need it normally.
  2. Once the text is ready, all you have to do is select it by hovering your mouse over the paragraph and shading it.
  3. After that, you have to enter the Word section called " insert ", Once there, you will go to the file" Table »And you will proceed to choose the option marked" Convert text to table ".
  4. Awards » OK »And the text will be inserted into a cell.
  5. After placing all these elements, it is necessary to highlight this cell and go to the tab called «Presentation» and select the tools from the table.
  6. There you will see a button that says " Direction of the text "Which can be found within" Alignment ". When you press it, you will see that the text that is inside the table and the one you have selected will change its position vertically. If you select it several times, it will change position, until you find what you are looking for.
  7. Once this is ready, you can proceed to change the size of the cell or letters if needed and also make any changes you want .

How to insert or write letters, a word or a text vertically in a table in Word

Creating text inside a text box

It is important that you know another way in which you can position your texts vertically and that is by placing them inside one text box and modifying it so that the selected text appears harmonious and orderly.

  1. To get started, you need to select the option  "Text box", which you can find in the options tab under the name "Insert".
  2. When selecting the text box option, you need to go to the » plain text ". Once inside, you can start editing or adding the text you want .
  3. Next, you need to shade the text box and go to the "format" section within the drawing tools.
  4. There, you need to choose 90 degree rotation, which will make the text appear vertically.
  5. If you want to make some other type of changes to the text, you just have to go to the tab » Design options » , to explore the multiple categories it can offer you. There you can even anchor the text box within one position or replicate it and position it the same way within another page and following the same previous format.How to insert or write letters, a word or a text vertically in a table in Word

Within this option change the box size, the letters and the format they have. Likewise, if you use the tools offered there, you can change several aspects of the text and position it according to the occasion or presentation you are doing.

This way of creating text can be used in several ways. Whether it's an academic text or a formal presentation, this will help you save space and give the text a different look.

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