How to Insert Source Code in a WordPress Post - Quick and Easy

The platform was created in 2003 and its main vision was to serve as a source for blogging. It has now become the leading platform in development of professional web pages and corporate.

Its system allows users to create custom websites, as it includes more than 100 templates with various themes, it is essential to know which templates a website uses in WordPress and is also useful for users who want to constantly add information to their web platform. it also has an intelligent system that sorts files to be chronologically from newest to oldest.

How to insert source code in a WordPress post?

How to Insert Source Code in a WordPress Post - Quick and Easy

There are endless uses that can be made of the WordPress platform to create a website with a personal, unique brand that stands out from the rest.

For some users, the tools that WordPress offers they are still unknown and this causes the user to give up creating their own website, thinking it is more complex than it actually is.

Entry codes are a widely used tool in programming blogs, these blogs are a platform on which programmers pour their knowledge on a certain topic.

Basically the codes they are needed to insert pieces of these into the input, by way of example. And tell users what the programming language is about.

If you are a blog programmer and have ever had trouble entering code, this is quite frustrating, since it also affects the SEO and design of your personal website or blog.

Steps to insert source code in a WordPress post

The process of inserting the source code into a WordPress post is actually quite simple. You just have to go through the following process:

There are some tricks that may be useful, such as a TAG HTML, basically its function is format the code in so that it looks different and the body of the text stands out.

When you write an entry you have to switch to "Text mode". You will find a panel at the top of the screen, you have to select the option "Code", click this option and select it snippet of code you want to use.

If you are looking for a much more advanced solution that allows you to know some details such as the number of lines, or that allows you to color, there is a program called Code highlighter simple.

Simple code Highlighter is a plugin developed for WordPress and aimed at programmers. Normally, this program gives you the ability to format text, add an edit tab to posts, and other uses.

Install the Code Highlighter program

How to Insert Source Code in a WordPress Post - Quick and Easy

  • To install the program go to the part of "BackOffice plugin"
  • Click on the option "Add new".
  • Select the program from the list "Simple code highlighter".
  • Click Install and continue to activate it.
  • This way the program is already available. Now all you have to do is click on the program while editing and develop your input code in a unique way.

Why choose WordPress to develop your personal blog or website?

WordPress is currently the most used tool by all users who want to create a personal site. This is because it provides very useful tools and a good range of uses. Any company that wants to develop their website has the possibility to implement some useful aspects through this program.

Through WordPress, small, medium and large companies have the ability to create a website which may include, among other things, the ability to register, make online purchases, develop an online store and even make reservations.

WordPress adapts to the current needs of society in the digital environment and allows the creation of useful and complete web pages in according to the needs of its users.

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