How to insert text behind an image, people or objects with Photoshop

Developed by Adobe, it is one of the best tools in its class. Although other Photoshop alternative programs may arise, this tool is still the most popular and used.

He is positioned as the right-hand man of numerous designers and photographers, who leverage his many tools to highlight incredible editions.

The first version of this program was released in 1990 and was only available for Mac. Only two years later it was possible to run the Windows version.

Develop creative edits

Photoshop has multiple options that cover various image retouching. In addition to correcting blemishes and restoring images, this program increases your creativity by allowing you to apply different types of effects that will make your edition stand out, such as applying a 3D effect to text.

How to insert text behind an image, people or objects with Photoshop

The adjustment of the lighting, the control of color curves, even the application and introduction of texts, have made this program one of the standards in editing in the world of photography.

Add text to a photo

Among the tools offered by Photoshop, there is that of integrate the texts above and behind the elements in a photograph. Performing this action is really simple, but to create impressive designs, you will need to practice and then gain dexterity when using your tools.

  • To get started, you should initially have the photograph you want to use as a canvas. If you have decided to make some changes in terms of highlights and shadows before adding the text, you can do it without complications.
  • Then it is necessary to identify the text tool, identified with a " T ". You will have several options to configure and customize the word or phrase you added. You can change color, size, font, among other options available to highlight your style and make it authentic.
  • You can choose between horizontal and vertical text, depending on what you need or want to create.
  • Next, you'll need to duplicate the image layer, placing it on top of the added text layer. (Each element you add will be a layer.) Outline the silhouette using the Quick Selection Tool.
  • You can view the created levels by pressing F11.
  • If you need to cut, you can use several tools to help you perform this function. However, the most accurate and accurate is the pen tool. You will only have to enlarge the image making it become pixelated and you will outline with small dots around the area to be cropped.
  • If you want to refine your selection, you can use the brush tool to add softness and outline to the selected layer, leaving the image and text in harmony.
  • Please note that when finalizing the change and before performing other operations changes to the text must be approved. To do this, you need to select the confirmation or cancellation options, located below the text.
  • Once you have finished editing the text, you have to select and with the right mouse button the shadows and choose the layer by choosing the copy option.

Edit and place texts

The placement of the text edition it is a fairly simple process. The next step will be to move the photo crop to the part where you want to place it. Since the image layer will be placed in front of the text layer, it will reflect behind it.

How to insert text behind an image, people or objects with Photoshop

As we pointed out earlier, with each practice you will be able to perfect the use of every tool that this incredible editing program puts at your disposal.

Let your imagination and creativity fly, also daring with the online editing of fabulous designs that will undoubtedly allow you to become part of the publishing world.

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