How to insert timelines, tweets and Twitter buttons in WordPress

This content management system allows not only to create, maintain and design blogs, but also in the creation of any web page (such as corporate websites or shops).

A high performance system

WordPress is not limited to just writing or inserting multimedia content on your blog or website through posts. But it also offers the possibility of share content through the different platforms: WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

How to insert timelines, tweets and Twitter buttons in WordPress

To do this, you have to create buttons correspondents for this action to be performed by users who visit your page. Helping to have a greater range of dissemination and reach.

Creating the button

The importance that your readers have at the disposal of the tools that allow them to visualize and interacting with any other type of button related to this social network is essential. The same importance can be attached to inserting social media buttons within your WordPress page.

In this opportunity you will learn how create timelines, tweets and tweet buttons for your WordPress in a way quick and easy.

Process of creating the timeline

The first step you need to take to materialize these buttons or tools on your website is to enter the twitter portal, using the following address:

Copy and paste the Twitter account address you want to link to your blog or WordPress. In this way, Twitter will show you the different options at your disposal.


By choosing the option Embedded timeline, an example of what the timeline box would be to place on your blog or webpage will be shown.

  • You can configure it by clicking on » Set customization options »To define the size.
  • Select the theme (light or dark) in which you want the timeline to appear.
  • Choose the language in which you want to view the options.

Once the timeline is configured, click on Update and immediately after, a bar with the code will appear on your screen that you will have to insert in your blog or website.

  1. Log into your WordPress account.
  2. Add a new entry.
  3. Write or add a block.
  4. Locate the plus sign (+), clicking on it will bring up a menu of options.
  5. Find the Format section of that menu.
  6. Enter the HTML option
  7. Select the custom HTML part
  8. In the Write HTML bar, paste the code that Twitter gave you.
  9. Publish the entry.

Once the procedure is done, you will be able to see the entry in which the timeline of your Twitter account will be displayed with the settings you have selected for your blog or website.

Button to continue

Going back a bit, go back to the twitter page and select, this time, the option Twitter buttons. A box with two options will appear: Follow button e Mention button.

If you click on the follow button, its preview will appear, also positioning the code bar you need to copy.

  • You can configure the button to show the username or not.
  • Select the size you prefer for the button.
  • Choose the language in which you want the button to appear.
  • Paste the code into the post you were working on.

Mention button

Performing a similar process for the button continues, changing only the platform for the configuration. In this button you can select:

  1. Write the text you want shown in the tweet (optional).
  2. Indicate the accounts you want to recommend (optional).
  3. Choose the size of the button.
  4. Select your language.

This way, the user will be able to use the button to post a tweet that mentions you or your brand, company or organization account.

How to insert timelines, tweets and Twitter buttons in WordPress

Problems with a link?

An important point of this process is that, whatever tool you introduce into your WordPress, many times it appears a link next to or below the timeline or button.

This doesn't happen on all WordPress pages, but if that's the case for you, you can locate and delete the following part of the code:

Now that you know how to insert timelines, tweets, and Twitter buttons in WordPress, you may be interested in learning about the best plugins for editing and typesetting recommended WordPress pages to take your web pages to the top.

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