How to Install a New SnapChat Update: Steps and Tips!

How to Install a New SnapChat Update: Steps and Tips!

Thanks to technology, communication is different from what it was ten years ago. All the innovations that arise thanks to new discoveries in the technological sector do nothing but contribute to the way we communicate with other people. SnapChat is a current communication option. Here you will learn how to install a new snapchat update.

If you take your smartphone and look at all the applications that you have installed on this device, you will see that many of them are designed to communicate with other people. It doesn't matter if it's a messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram, or a social networking app like Twitter or Facebook, they're all designed to share information.

How to install a new SnapChat update?

Snapchat is an application that performs the simple task of sending and receiving multimedia messages with photos or videos that disappear after a certain period of time. This time limit has not become a limiting factor, but an incentive that encourages users to always be vigilant so as not to miss the latest update of those people who have been added as friends on this online platform.

We will talk specifically about updates because like any other software, this social network is not free from updates that add improvements, new filters and even fixes. If you don't know how to install a new SnapChat update for free, we will help you with this complete guide and you will learn what to do on both Android and iPhone.

It is always recommended to update the SnapChat app on your smart device to the latest version available. Luckily, Android phones and iPhones have a very easy way to do this, and that's no other than through their available application stores. Then just enter the Play Store (for Android) or the APP Store (for iOS) to start the update.

In the following sections, we will detail how to proceed in both cases so that you can do it on your smartphone:

1- Da Google Play per Android

If you want to update your SnapChat app via Google Play for Android devices, just follow a few simple steps through this store. It's nothing too complicated and it's done in seconds, since you'll be able to check if you're doing what we'll explain to you right away:

Snapchat per Android

  1. Look at the Google Play Store. You need to find the Play Store icon and enter it like any other application, just click on it so that your mobile directs you to the home screen.
  2. Now go to the left side of the search bar and click on the symbol with three horizontal lines. Once you've done that, a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. You have to select the first option that appears, «My apps and games«, as it is the one that takes you to all the programs installed on your smart device.
  4. In this list that will appear later, make sure you are in the section «Updates» looking at the tabs above. If you are there, you should now be looking for «Snapchat» and check for any pending updates. You can check that there is a button next to it that says «Update«.
  5. If it shows up, just click it and let your phone do the rest. In no time, you'll have a fresh version of Snapchat installed, ready to use on your smartphone.

It is recommended to perform this download when you have a secure connection to the Wi-Fi network, since in addition to providing a faster process, we will reserve data and megabytes in your terminal for when you really need it.

2- From the iOS app store

The way to install new versions of SnapChat from iOS APP Store is simpler or more than on Android with Play Store. We have to explain what you need to do if you use an iPhone:

Snapchat for iOS

  1. Enter the Apple Digital Store. Find the App Store icon and click on it, it will automatically take you to the main store page.
  2. There you can enter your search, write the name of the App and add its description to perform an update. However, it is better to go to the lower right corner and click on the tab «Updates «.
  3. A screen will open showing all pending installations. Now you have to scroll down to find SnapChat. If you just need to download an update, next to it there will be a button with the word » Update«. Click.
  4. Now you just have to wait. The process of downloading and installing the update is automatic, so you'll have the updated application in seconds.

If you are an iOS or Android user, these two procedures are for you. Conversely, if you'd rather not go to digital stores, there's an alternative manual option you can use as well, which we'll explain in the next section. Keep reading!

Download and install SnapChat APK to update it without Play Store

As we said in the previous section, there is an acceptable method on Android terminals to avoid having to go to the digital store when SnapChat is updated. In particular, you can download and install SnapChat APK to update it without needing the Play Store; This process cannot be done on iPhone due to Apple restrictions.

To perform this update manually, you need to prepare your phone before changing any settings. We will explain the whole procedure here:

Download APK SnapChat new version

  1. First of all, you need to enter the Settings section of your smartphone. It's an icon with a gear inside.
  2. Once inside, the next thing you have to do is go to the section «Safety«. This step differs slightly depending on the terminal used, since the configuration panel changes depending on the Android version you have installed. In most cases, it is located on the tab Advanced Settings.
  3. Once in the target menu, go to the option «Applications from unknown sources» and make sure it is enabled. If not, just click the relevant button to allow using these third-party apps.
  4. Now, once this restriction is removed, you have to download the apk file of the latest version of SnapChat. Although you can download it from the links that we offer above, in total safety.
  5. After the download is complete, you can open the file directly by opening the top menu and clicking Download complete. Do so and when asked if you are sure you will continue, say yes.
  6. Wait quietly while the installation process completes its tasks. In less than a couple of minutes you will have updated Snapchat without having to go to the Google Play Store.

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