How To Install Games On PS4 External Hard Drive Very Easy!

How to download and install games on PS4 external hard drive

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest firmware version of your PS4. You should also consider that not only any external hard drive works on the console.

For this you will need one with one minimum size of 250 GB and that it has USB 3.0, it will have to be connected directly to the console, it is not worth using a hub.

How To Install Games On PS4 External Hard Drive Very Easy!

Another thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be formatted in a "special" way so that the PS4 can read it. In case you want to use the same disk on a computer, you will need to reformat it.

So what we will do is connect the disk to the console, turn it on and we will follow these simple steps to be able to format so that the PS4 can read it:

  • We will go to the screen " Settings ".
  • Subsequently, we will insert " devices ".
  • After that we will have to choose " USB storage devices ".
  • Here you will have to choose the external hard drive we connected earlier.
  • Now you will have to choose " Format as extended memory ".

Install the games on the PS4 external hard drive

This way, your console will recognize that the disc is valid and you will be able to access it. Now you can save games in this. What we need to do now is to configure everything so that it recognizes it as the default memory and in this way the games we download do it directly on the external HDD.

How To Install Games On PS4 External Hard Drive Very Easy!

As for saved games and system content, it is saved on the console's internal drive and is something we cannot change in any way.

  • So to configure the disk we will go to " Settings ".
  • Next, we have to go up " Archiving ".
  • In this place we will be able to see the hard disk of the console and select the external one.
  • Here you have to press the button " options "On the remote control and go to the section" Application installation location ".
  • In this place you will have to select the option " Extended storage ".
  • This is the only thing you need to do to download and install all the games on the external hard drive. In case you want them to continue doing it internally, you will have to repeat the steps, you just don't have to select " Extended storage “ma” Archiving of system ".

How to move games from internal to external hard drive

You can also move all games from the console's internal hard drive to the external hard drive. This is quite useful because we can free up a huge amount of space.

  • For this we will go up " Settings ".
  • So we will have to enter " Archiving ".
  • Now we will go up " Archiving of system "and here we will have to enter" Applications ".
  • In this section we will have to press on " options "On the remote and we will choose the option that says" Move to extended memory ".
  • Then you will have to choose the games you want to move to the external hard drive and press " Move and accept ".

That would be all. In case you want to stop using the external hard drive, you will need to disable it from the PS4 first. This is pretty easy to do, since you just need to hold down the PS button on the controller to access the system quick menu.

Here you have to choose the option " Stop using extended storage " And that's it. This way you can also switch hard drives to download and install other games. Ideal to avoid having to delete games you don't like and take up a lot of space.

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