How to install Pixel Launcher on any Android device?

Currently, one of the favorite operating systems for many users is Android. This operating system offers its users different versions which each contain different features and great advantages, with which they can get the most out of their mobile device.

Likewise, such equipment is usually more affordable, easier, and of better quality than what you can find on the market today. Likewise, one of the unlimited options of this operating system is the unlimited ease of customization it offers you.

This action is possible, thanks to various applications such as i pitchers, which have the task of completely changing the way the home screen of our Android device looks and feels.

However, at the moment we can find hundreds of launchers, belonging exclusively to the brands to which it belongs Smartphone. These are installed with the sole reason that each user has a unique experience through these devices.

However, it is possible that some of these launchers are not very intuitive or that their flaws do not fit perfectly with what we want for us.

For this reason, many users have made the decision to prefer the launcher in Google, which given its simplicity, has features quite similar to those that can make you feel safe with your mobile.

In this post we will teach you how to install Pixel Launcher, on any Android device, so you have it at your fingertips.

How to install Pixel Launcher on any Android device?

Start by locating the APK file

In case you don't know yet, a . Apk is one whose main function is to be able to install an application inside an Android mobile device. To be able to perform this action, you just need to save it inside your device so that you can perform it.

This is an excellent way with which you can install different applications from different platforms, if at any point the store stops working.

In the case of  Pixel Launcher, you can locate the apk or the application itself within the Play Store or, failing that, find a link of interest within the network. Likewise, it is possible that you can download the file directly to your PC and that it is later transferred to your mobile device.

The installation of the launcher begins

Once the installation has started, it is important to activate the "Allow unknown sources" option. This action can be easily located within your phone's settings, which is why this shouldn't be a problem.

The installation of this launcher within Android 7.1 It presents no major complications, as it has several built-in tutorials that you can familiarize yourself with and carry out this process easily.

At the time of running this installation, you will see that these are two files, which can be installed in the desired order.

How to install Pixel Launcher on any Android device?

How to set Pixel Launcher as default?

Once you have everything installed compared to the Pixel Launcher, everything will automatically change, so the interface will get a little slow at first, but after a while everything will start working like a charm.

However, one of the normal actions of the Launcher when it is not default is to make abrupt and constant changes, which will make your experience inside the phone complicated and a little annoying. However, this is bound to happen unless you select the same as Launcher.

To be able to do this the process is quite simple. For example, once you've started opening the Launcher, the application itself will ask you to select it as main interface, this way you will save yourself the trouble of constantly changing the default option.

This is an automatic action, which is necessary for the Launcher to work, so you shouldn't worry.

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