How to install Telegram for PC

How to install Telegram for PC

Who does not know Telegram today? And is that this application with its over 100.000.000 downloads and an average score of 4,4 out of 5 in the Play Store caused a sensation on our smartphones. With this app we can, for example, access the best bargain channels and discounts, have a group of friends or even have unlimited free cloud storage. Today, however, we will take it one step further and we will see how to install telegram for pc, in this way we will have our favorite channels more at hand when we work with ours desktop with.

How to install TELEGRAM FOR PC 2022

Now we will see the steps that we must follow for access Telegram from PC, you will see how simple it is.

Telegram PC How does it work?

Connect Telegram to your PC it is the simplest thing in the world since it works similar to the mobile version, the first thing we have to do of course… is Free download desktop version for PC in Spanish.

Telegram PC FREE Download Spanish 2022

download the program to PC we just have to enter the next page called Telegram Desktop. We will now see a screen like the one below to download the PC application that we enter where it says «Get Telegram for Windows», this way the download of the application to the PC will begin.

Once finished we will have to install Telegram for PC running the file that was downloaded.

Open Telegram on PC

Well, now we have it installed we will have to learn to register from my PC. To do this, we click on the shortcut on our desktop and we will see a screen like this. Click on "Start Messaging".

How do I register on Telegram from my PC?

Now we will have to enter ours mobile number at so that the verification code reach the our cell phone. We will have to put our phone with the area code to which it corresponds.

After a few seconds we should have received a number on our smartphone, enter that number in the corresponding section "Your code" and click on "Next".

And voila, we can use it from the PC.

If you had any questions during the Telegram installation for PC you can always check it out in the comments. Thank you for your visit and your time Ah! and don't forget to share on your social networks it helps me a lot.

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