How to install Telegram on my PC

How to install Telegram on my PC

Today, there are many alternatives to fully stay in touch with our people online. However, there are some options from this range of possibilities that are quite interesting and worth knowing in order to use them and benefit from the advantages they have.

Telegram is an Internet messaging service that allows you to connect from a mobile phone as well as from any cross-platform, i.e. you can connect from your mobile and also from PC/Max/Linux and web, by installing the service beforehand so that you can take advantage of this from your desktop computer being this in some way, a great advantage or advantage when one forgets the mobile, the battery is dead or, one is in another place and needs to communicate as certainly, other reasons that give Telegram a reasonable window over other messaging services.

Well, the following tutorial looks at it step by step how to install Telegram right on your PC to take advantage of this great messaging service that earns you some points with this benefit.

Install Telegram on PC | Step 1

As a first step, you must access the official Telegram website and for this you can do it through:

  • A search in the search engine they use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) by typing the word that identifies this program, or » telegram " and then, Submit on the keyboard and the displayed results will be clicked with the left mouse button on the correct one, which is usually the first one and will enter the Telegram cover like this.
  • By typing the correct URL of this application, for example in the address bar and then clicking Submit on the keyboard, you go directly to the first page of this site.

Install Telegram on PC | Step 2

Once on the cover of Telegram they will have to scroll down a bit with the mouse or by sliding down the sidebar until they find a text that says: » A native to each platform » and where they will see 2 options, they should then click on the one that says in blue: Telegram for PC/Max/Linux.

Install Telegram on PC | Step 3

With the previous click, a new Telegram page will be displayed where 3 options will appear in the central part to be able to install this service and they are: Get Telegram for Windows, Portable version for Windows (portable version of Windows) e Show all platforms (Telegram per PC, Mac, Windows).

In the case of this tutorial, it will be selected with a left mouse click on Get Telegram for Windows.

Install Telegram on PC | Step 4

A small central window will open with a .exe file and you will need to save it by left clicking on the button that says Save file and with this action, that file will have been saved on your computer.

Install Telegram on PC | Step #5

Now, they have to go to the location where said file has been saved on their computer and double click on it with the left mouse button to finally start the procedure to install Telegram.

Install Telegram on PC | Step #6

With the previous click, a central window will be displayed where you are asked to select the language in this case, it is Italian and then click with the left mouse button on Accept.

A new central window will open with Telegram Desktop Setup Wizard and you need to click on the button NEXT.

Then, in a new central window that appears, they tell you where to install Telegram Desktop, here you can change the address where it is installed by clicking the browse button ... or leave it in the default position it looks like and click Button NEXT.

A new central window opens in which it is possible to modify the position in which to insert the direct access to the program by clicking on Browse ...  or, leave it as it is and click the button NEXT.

Also in this case a central window appears in which it is possible to decide whether or not to create an icon on the desktop for this service by ticking or not the previous box Create a desktop icon and then click NEXT.

After all this, the last window appears in which you are provided with the settings that you have decided for this program on your computer (you can change it by clicking on Back), review it and finally click on Install.

With the previous action the Telegram desktop will be installed and after the installation a central window will appear where you will be told that the installation is finished and that if you want to use this service right away you must keep the square preceding the text Run Telegram strikethrough and then click the button end.

Time you can access Telegram and communicate from your desktop with your friends, colleagues, family or whoever you want. I hope with this you can use this service on PC/Max/Linux since, with others, you can't from there.

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