How to install WhatsApp Plus on iOS

How to install WhatsApp Plus on iOS

It's possible install WhatsApp Plus on iOS, although it is not as easy as downloading the application from the App Store as if it were another application since it is a utility not really available for iPhone, although it is for Android.

We remember that WhatsApp Plus is a "vitaminized" version of WhatsApp, although there are many other unofficial versions and they are called WhatsApp mods. Being modified apps, they can cause errors and what's worse, they can be a reason for a ban from WhatsApp.

And yes, WhatsApp can detect that you use one of these unofficial applications and permanently ban you from the service, then it is better not to risk using WhatsApp Plus or any other WhatsApp mod, although if you do, you should always use it with caution.

Although see WhatsApp Plus and its different versions on android is common, it is not so common for iOS and there are those who wonder if it is possible to install this unofficial version on iOS, the answer is yes, or at least a similar version, but it is not that easy as it would be on Android.

Requirements to install WhatsApp Plus on iOS

To install WhatsApp Plus on iOS you should jailbreak your iPhone, a controversial procedure that unlocks certain iOS functions, allows you to "open" the closed system and allows you, among other things, to install applications like this from WhatsApp.

It is somewhat similar to Android rooting. Jailbreaking is not easy and has its risks, including security. Then you should install Cydia, an alternative application store to download WhatsApp Plus and another series of applications for the system that you can't find in the App Store.

Inside Cydia there is an app called WhatsApp+, which is the one that must be installed and then follow the usual procedure to register your number as in the official WhatsApp. It takes a few minutes to start using the app on your iPhone.

So yes, it is possible to have WhatsApp Plus on iPhone, but you need to jailbreak the phone and then download the app from Cydia, but you have to be careful because using unofficial apps is a reason to ban the app, it's always better to use the official WhatsApp and update the app when necessary to enjoy all the news.

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